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                      Two articles about the original Adventure, both from
                      issue #1 (November 1981) of Computer & Video Games
                      magazine (UK).

ComputorEdge.txt      IF article from ComputorEdge Magazine, February 1998,
                      by Charles Carr.

                      An early interview with Roberta Williams of Sierra
                      On-line, focusing on the company's first text/graphic
                      adventures, from Family Computing December 1983.

                      "Murder at 220 Merrill: A Text Adventure Mystery", by
                      Jeanie Franz Ransom. A short story about a man who gets
                      sucked into a mystery text adventure, from
                      Family Computing December 1984.

                      "The Lure of Fantasy and Adventure Games," from Family
                      Computing Oct 1983. Covers both text and graphic
                      adventures, as well as a "Programming Your Own Adventure
                      Game" sidebar.

IF_Guide.txt          A guide to Interactive Fiction for graphical game
                      players, first edition, by Alan Hook.

                      An article about Scott Adams and his early adventures,
                      from the monthly "Adventure" column of the UK magazine
                      Computer & Video Games (December 1981).

                      "Slaying Dragons: An Introduction to Computer Adventures",
                      from Electronic Games magazine (March 1982).

                      A research paper on abandonware for a University of
                      Maryland course on Ethics in the Information age, written
                      by Laura Peters. Infocom and Magnetic Scrolls are main
                      subjects.            Text and accompanying program of the article
                      "Programming Your Own Text Games", by Cleveland M.
                      Blakemore, which appeared in issues 54 and 55 (June
                      and July 1988) of Ahoy! (an 8-bit Commodore magazine).
                      Transcribed by Patrick Kellum

byte80_nicholson.html "Creating a Fantasy World on the 8080", by
                      Robert T. Nicholson. An article originally published in
                      the July 1980 issue of BTYE magazine, transcribed into
                      HTML by David Welbourn.

byte87_betz.html      "An Adventure Authoring System", by David Betz. The
                      article gives in-depth information about the AdvSys
                      authoring system. Originally published in the May 1987
                      issue of BTYE magazine, and transcribed into HTML by
                      David Welbourn.

byte87_buckles.html   "Interactive Fiction as Literature", an early literary
                      analysis of interactive fiction. Originally written by
                      Mary Ann Buckles and published in the May 1987 issue
                      of BYTE magazine, and transcribed into HTML by
                      David Welbourn.

egames85.html         Two articles originally published in Electronic Games,
                      circa 1985: "The infinitely improbable DOUG ADAMS" by
                      Roe R. Adams III, and "Booted Up Any Good Books Lately?"
                      by Charles Ardai.
                      Transcribed into HTML by David Welbourn.   Three German reviews, typed in by Miron Schmidt:
                        Infocom: Arthur, from ASM 10/98
                        Magnetic Scrolls: The Pawn, from DOS 2/88
                        Romantic Encounters at the Dome, from DOS 4/89
                      "Somewhere Nearby is Colossal Cave: Examining
                      Will Crowther's Original 'Adventure' in Code and in
                      Kentucky", by Dennis G. Jerz. Published in Digital
                      Humanities Quarterly, Summer 2007.

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