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Angel0.81b.shk     Angel 0.81 beta, an extractor for zip, lha,
                   arc, zoo and Unix .z archives, by Tony Marques

binscii.exe        BinSCII 1.0.3 (= rev.3) by Todd Whitesel
                   encodes and decodes Apple II ProDOS files for
                   transmission over email networks

binscii.txt        description of binscii.exe

shrinkit34.bsc     ShrinkIt version 3.4 in BinSCII format

unzipiie.shk       an 8-bit UnZip program in ShrinkIt format

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Angel0.81b.shk1997-05-27 04:00 28K
binscii.exe1993-08-18 04:00 5.5K
binscii.txt1993-08-18 04:00 11K
Index2003-06-18 19:43 507
shrinkit34.bsc1993-08-18 04:00 54K
unzipiie.shk1993-10-28 04:00 17K

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