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readme.txt               Stephen Granade's note about the 2010 competition.
                         Read this to find out where to get more information.

Comp10.z5                The unofficial "front-end" game for the 2010
                         competition, providing information on all the
                         games and systems used to run them, plus the ability
                         to sort the games you can play into a random list.
                         Written by Lucian Paul Smith.
                         Release 2 / Serial number 101008               All of the entries in the 2010 competition in one
                         Unzip into a directory with the -d option to
                         preserve the original subdirectory structure.
                         This file is around 16MB in size.

IFComp2010.exe           All of the entries in the 2010 competition in
                         one Windows self extracting archive.
                         This file is around 14MB in size.

WinInterpreters.exe      All of the Windows interpreters needed to play
                         the competition games.
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