Haunted P — 1 of 8

Chad Rocketman

Release 1

"Haunted P" by Chad Rocketman

The story genre is "Fairy tale". The release number is 1. The story headline is "A very spooky story about science.....". The story description is "i wrote thi story about SCIENCE and RELIGION and LOVE". The story creation year is 2017.

Index map with room-shape set to "square" and room-size set to 60 and room-name-size set to 9 and room-name-length set to 13 and route-thickness set to 15 and room-outline set to off and map-outline set to off and route-colour set to "White" and room-colour set to "White" and font set to "Trebuchet-MS-Regular" and EPS file.

Release along with

an interpreter,

source text,

and a website.