Hercules! — 15 of 16

Leo Weinreb

Release 1

Chapter 14 - Appendices

test cerberus with "ne/ put apple on shrine/ put receipt on shrine/ take stub/ sw/ e/ e/ n/ e/ down/ give stub to Charon/ put cow in cage/ put Cretan Bull in cage/ give list to eurystheus"

test game1 with "test lion/ test hydra/ test hind/ test boar/ test stables/ test stymphalia/ test bull/ test mares1"

test game2 with "test mares2/ test girdle/ test cattle/ test apples/ test cerberus"

Table of Rankings

0"Nerdy Cousin"
1"Lion Tamer"
2"Hydra Decapitator"
3"Dream Catcher"
4"Boar Toreador"
5"Janitorial Juggernaut"
6"Pigeon Poisoner[if zork-yes is true] and Master Adventurer[end if]"
7"Bull Whisperer[if zork-yes is true] and Master Adventurer[end if]"
8"Trojan Hacker[if zork-yes is true] and Master Adventurer[end if]"
9"Medicinal Magician[if zork-yes is true] and Master Adventurer[end if]"
10"Superb Salesman[if zork-yes is true] and Master Adventurer[end if]"
11"Dragon Player[if zork-yes is true] and Master Adventurer[end if]"
12"[if the story has ended]Honorary God and [end if]Legendary Hero[if zork-yes is true] and Master Adventurer[end if]"

Table of Footnotes

1"For some reason your cousin's capital S's always look like F's. I guess you'll just have to guess which one is correct...[line break]"
2"Not that you ever really used them. They were a late birthday present from your stepmother Hera, who knew you were afraid of fire... you get the sense she doesn't like you very much.[line break]"
3"A hind is a deer. (A female deer.) This one's bathed in a ray. (A drop of golden sun.) I wouldn't want you to think you were wandering the land searching for a giant floating butt.[line break]"
4"You don't know who this month's Olympics winner is off-hand, of course. Unsurprisingly, you have no use for frivolous sporting events.[line break]"
5"Weren't these numbers different the last time you read them? You blink. Yep, definitely different. You curse your dyslexia and try to focus on the note more intently.[line break]"
6"A scandal which caused Zeus's wife Hera, the queen of the Sky, to get really mad at Alcmene and you. (Though never her husband, which seems strange, since he was the one truly in the wrong.) You think perhaps this is the genesis of Hera's intense dislike of you to this day.[line break]"
7"You've never ever seen yellow-spotted lizards like these. Not even in the movie [italic type]Holes[Roman type].[line break]"
8"Whatever you throw at it, it seems like the monkey isn't coming down.[line break]"
9"Perhaps you need to consider that these actually are NOT the droids you're looking for.[line break]"
10"Okay, you've had your fun now, stop reading the footnotes.[line break]"
11"Seriously, I mean it![line break]"
12"Anybody want a peanut?[line break]"
13"There is no such footnote.[line break]"
14"Really now, there is no such footnote.[line break]"
15"There is no such footnote.[line break]"
16"Okay, you get one final easter egg. Happy? After this moment you're really just wasting your own time, and I'm not to be held responsible for that. Enjoy the rest of the game![line break]"

To say rank:

choose row score plus 1 in Table of Rankings;

say "[rank entry]".

To say (footnote - a number) as a footnote:

if footnote > number of filled rows in the Table of Footnotes:

say "Programming error: footnote assignment out of range.";


choose row footnote in the Table of Footnotes;

if there is an assignment entry:

say "(Footnote [assignment entry])";


say "Programming error: no such assignment entry.".

Looking up a footnote is an action applying to one number.

Understand "footnote [number]" and "read footnote [number]" and "x footnote [number]" and "look up footnote [number]" and "examine footnote [number]" as looking up a footnote.

Check looking up a footnote:

if the number understood > 16:

say "There is no such footnote." instead;

else if the number understood < 1:

say "Footnotes are numbered from 1." instead;


continue the action.

Carry out looking up a footnote:

choose row with assignment of number understood in the Table of Footnotes;

say "[note entry]".

Footnoting is an action applying to nothing. Understand "footnote" and "read footnote" and "examine footnote" and "x footnote" and "look up footnote" as footnoting.

Carry out footnoting:

say "To look up a footnote, just specify the one you're looking up. If you want to look up footnote 2 for example, just say 'read footnote 2' or 'x footnote 2' or even just 'footnote 2'."