Index                        this file     Attack On Frightside, a Neo Scary God-Game,
                             by Farley Sweet.   Attempted Assassination v3.15, by Matt Slotnick.
                             Runs on Quest v3.53.              Balaclava, by Nahuel Denegri.         Bear's Epic Quest, version 1.2, by Hospes.                 Caught!, by Tam HD.                Dracula, an unofficial remake of the 1986 CRL game,
                             written by Rod Pike and Ian Ellery, created by
                             Jon Bardi.             "It's election time in Pakistan: Go rich boy, go!"
                             version 1.0, by Jahanzaib Haque.               Everyman, release 5, by Simon Deimel.             First Times, version 1.0, by Hero Robb.            Haunted Horror v2.00, by Matt Slotnick.
                             Runs on Quest v3.53.                 To Kindle A Light, version 1.2,
                             by Jonathan Vasilevic.

Magic.asl                    Magic World, by Maryssa.     Medievalist's Quest, by Cein Chavez.                 El asesino durmiente (The Sleeping Assassin),
                             version 0.1, by Candy von Bitter.
                             In Castilian Spanish.     The Gift of the Magi. Roam freely in the world
                             of O. Henry's classic short story. (Contains the
                             complete Project Gutenberg public-domain text.)          The Last Hero, by Wayde Butsim-Bairstow.
                             Welcome to the Paris Hotel, by CentaurOfAttn.
                             Xanadu - The World's Only Hope, by XanMag.

adventure.cas                Adventure!, by Caden James.               Cuttings, by "nahueldenegri".                  Quest for loot and something else, by Mugi4ok.

redsaucemonday.asl           Red Sauce Monday, by Tom Clark.                Spondre, version 1.1a, by Jay Nabonne.                World's End, version 1.0, by bloodbath.

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