This directory contains German games in Infocom Z-Machine format.

         The games here can be played with an Infocom game interpreter;
          look in infocom/interpreters for a version for your system.


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Eden.zblorb          Example game from "Der Abentheurliche Informissimus Teutsch"
                     (A tutorial and short reference for programming Inform 6
                     with the German library).
                     Version 1, geteilter zweiter Platz beim
                     Grand Prix 2002.

O.zblorb             O: Das Textadventure zum Film von Marco Bakera.
                     Release 1 / Serial number 120412

Tutorial.zblorb      Tutorial: Eine Einführung in Textadventures von
                     Cooper McHatton. This is a german version of the
                     introduction to IF gameplay from <>,
                     translated by Marco Bakera.
                     Release 1 / Serial number 120413

Wasser-Hasser.zblorb Wasser-Hasser - Ein m&auml;rchenhaftes Abenteuer, gereimt und
                     manchmal ungeheuer, von Mischa Magyar.
                     Release 1 / Serial number 140105 (v1.00)

abent.z5             Abenteuer, a German translation of the original 350 points
                     version of Adventure (aka Colossal Cave).
                     Translated by Toni Arnold, based on Graham Nelson's Inform
                     port of Adventure. Release 5 / Serial number 980419.
                     The current version version of the game's source code and
                     German library can be found at

bearg.z5             Ein Bar Geht Aus, Eine Interaktive Kindergeschichte
                     by David Dyte, translated by Gunther Schmidl.
                     Release 4 / Serial number 000326

bewerbung.z5         Die Bewerbung, Eine interaktive Personalchefgrausamkeit.
                     A German text adventure by Max Kalus, written for the
                     2002 Competition.
                     Release 2 / Serial number 020429

deklinator.z5        A tool for finding an object's correct declination in a
                     German Z-code adventure.
                     (Ein Tool um die richtige Deklination fur ein Objekt zu
                     finden (fur deutsche Z-Code Textadventures).)
                     Version 1.0, by Christof Menear.

halb2.z5             Halb Zwei, version 1.0, a choose-your-own-adventure
                     game, written by Florian Edlbauer.

herr-p.z5            Die Geschichte des Herrn P. von Hannes Sch&uuml;ller.
                     Release 4 / Serial number 140620
                     (an English translation is in games/zcode/mr-p.z5)           Jazz auf Tegemis, by Joerg Rosenbauer.
                     Release 2 / Serial number 040522
                     Zip file contains the z-code game, a walkthrough, and
                     informational files in both English and German.

karisma.z8           Klub Karisma, ein interaktives Rein-Raus-Spiel,
                     by Christian Bluemke.
                     Release 8 / Serial number 130908 (v8.15)

knack.z5             Knack! Eine kurze interaktive Abkuehlung,
                     by Christian Bluemke.
                     Release 1, Seriennr. 081215.

starrider.z5         Star Rider, Das interaktive Unterfangen eines blinden
                     Passagiers, by Maximilian Kalus
                     Release 9 / Serial number 040110
                     A German text adventure set in a space ship. You are a
                     stow-away realizing there is something wrong with the

wichtel.z5           Wichtel, Eine Gestutzte Koboldgeschichte,
                     by Maximilian Kalus.
                     Release 2 / Serial number 021006
                     You're a brownie, caught by humans and trying to escape.

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