Demo/promotional excerpts of works freely distributed by Infocom.

ifwiki: Cornerstone

A demo of Cornerstone.

# minizork.z3
tuid: 1rea34vqnz3mtyq1

Mini-Zork I: data file of a demo originally distributed for
the Commodore 64 (see

# sampler1_R26.z3
tuid: wa8crlfz82pra14i

Data file of the 1984 Infocom Sampler (Release 26 /
Serial Number 840731). Contains an Infocom interactive
fiction tutorial and samples of four Infocom games:
Zork I, Planetfall, Infidel, and The Witness.

# sampler1_R52.z3
tuid: wa8crlfz82pra14i

Same as above, Release 52 / Serial number 850402

# sampler1_R53.z3
tuid: wa8crlfz82pra14i

Same as above, Release 53 / Serial Number 850407

# sampler1_R55.z3
tuid: wa8crlfz82pra14i

Same as above, Release 55 / Serial Number 850823

# sampler2.z3
tuid: p00ucaayobrt2paz

Data file of the second Infocom Sampler (Release 97 /
Serial Number 870601) with an interactive fiction tutorial
(a sequence from Wishbringer) and samples of three Infocom
games: Zork I, Leather Goddesses of Phobos, and Trinity

tuid: 5w07yn5e06d6ftqm

The first sampler (ID1) from Infocom, featuring the
"Catch-a-Butterfly" demo along with a section of Zork 1.
Archive also includes a JPEG of an advert for this demo
taken from "The New Zork Times" Page 7; Vol. 3, No. 3;
Summer 1984.


Return to Zork, sneak preview by Activision (1993)

tuid: 40hswtkhap88gzvn
ifwiki: Zork: The Undiscovered Underground

Zork: The Undiscovered Underground,
a text adventure prequel to Zork Grand inquisitor.
Written by Marc Blank and Mike Berlyn,
programmed by Gerry Kevin Wilson.
Release 16 / Serial number 970828
This file seems to have disappeared from Activision's web
site, so hopefully putting the file here is okay.
Z5 game file, Readme, and InvisiClues.

# ztuu.pdf
tuid: 40hswtkhap88gzvn
ifwiki: Zork: The Undiscovered Underground

The manual for Zork: The Undiscovered Underground,
as a PDF formatted in the style of the original
Infocom manuals, converted by Chris Marsh.

# how_to_play_these_games

How to play "Z-code" games, by Gareth Rees. Last updated October 1995.
[file is linked to </if-archive/games/zcode/>how_to_play_these_games]

tuid: 1rea34vqnz3mtyq1

The Mini-Zork demo from Infocom, put onto a C64 disk
along with the text accompanying it from the UK C64
magazine Zzap! 64. D64 disk image.
[file is linked to </if-archive/games/c64/>]

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