Nitfol - an Infocom interpreter by Evin Robertson,
designed to work with the Glk system for I/O.

# Nitfol-05.hqx

Nitfol 0.5, by Evin Robertson. Macintosh
executable, compiled by Andrew Plotkin.


Patches for Nitfol 0.5 to fix a crash, run V2 games,
display accented characters correctly, remove
unwanted flickering in XGlk-built nitfol, and fix
undo/redo, by Simon Baldwin.

# nitfol-0.5.tar.gz

Source code for Nitfol 0.5, by Evin Robertson,
packaged as a tarred gzipped file.

# nitfol-0.5_linux.tgz

Linux Glk executables of Nitfol 0.5 compiled with
the patches in, compiled by
Simon Baldwin.

# nitfol05.exe

Nitfol 0.5, by Evin Robertson, MS-DOS executable.


Source code for Nitfol 0.5, by Evin Robertson,
packaged as a zip file.


MS-DOS 32-bit executables of Nitfol 0.5, built
with GlkDOS 0.19.1 by L. Ross Raszewski.

# undo_redo.patch

A patch to Nitfol 0.5 to cure a bug affecting
the use of UNDO and REDO in .z8 games.


Nitfol 0.5, by Evin Robertson, Windows executable.
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