Index           this file  An Infocom Game Launcher for Windows, by Donnie Russell.
                Identifies, lists and launches different versions of Infocom
                games, automatically converting an existing game to another
                known version if patches are available.   CZECH: Comprehensive Z-machine Emulation CHecker
                by Amir Karger, version 0.8.
                A set of tests to determine whether a Z-machine interpreter
                is compliant with the Z-machine Specification (currently
                1.0, with some fixes from 1.1draft7).

etude.tar.Z     TerpEtude: A Z-Machine Interpreter Exerciser by
                Andrew Plotkin, Release 2.
                Tests compliance with Z-Machine Standards Document 0.99.
                Inform 6 source code and compiled game file.    InfoMenu version 0.9C (second beta release), by Calvin Richter.
                A menu front end for Infocom format games, shows you your game
                files and lets you start your favorite interpreter on them.     MS-DOS utility to convert a Z-Code file to a PalmOS
                database, for use with either PalmFrotz or PalmZip.

strictz.z5      An Inform program to test for strict error checking in the
                interpreter, written by Torbjorn Andersson. Compiled Z-code.

strictz.inf     Inform source code for Torbjorn Andersso's strict error
                checking program.

zipwrap.hqx     Macintosh utility to convert a Z-Code file to a PalmOS
                database, for use with either PalmFrotz or PalmZip.        Zwrap 1.00, by David Griffith. A Perl program that
                takes a Z-code file and produces as output a Perl program
                containing the Z-code file, in effect creating a
                self-extracting Z-code executable for Unix systems.
                Requires Unix Frotz.

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