Hugo is a text adventure compiler and runtime engine, written by Kent Tessman.

All the files in this directory and its subdirectories are by
Kent Tessman, unless explicitly noted otherwise.

Current version: 3.1.03 - 5jan2006

# changelog.txt

Hugo changes log, starting with versions 2.5.01 and 3.0

# examples

a subdirectory containing Hugo programming examples and a
link to the source code of complete Hugo games

# executables

a subdirectory containing compiled, executable versions of
the Hugo compiler, debugger and runtime engine

# hugo_license.txt

The license under which Hugo is distributed.

# library

a subdirectory containing standard Hugo grammar and library
definitions and routines

# release.txt

Release Notes - A Brief History of Hugo v1.0 - v3.0.04

# source

a subdirectory containing the complete C source code of the
Hugo compiler, debugger and runtime engine
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