ifwiki: Git

This directory contains files relating to Iain Merrick's Git,
a Glulx interpreter that is optimized for speed.

# dosgit-104.zip

MS-DOS binaries of Git 1.0.4, ported by
Sebastian Wallmann.

# git-138.zip

The source code for Git 1.3.8, by Iain Merrick.

# git-135-glkterm-win32.zip

Windows console mode binary of Git 1.3.5,
compiled with PDCurses by Wyatt Ward.

# git-135-glkterm-win32-source.tar.gz

Source code for the Windows console build
of Git 1.3.5.

# pgit-103.zip

PocketPC 2002 and Windows Mobile 2003 binary
of Git 1.0.3, built by Stark Springs. Archive
includes PocketPC 2002 StrongArm executable.

# wingit-138.zip
ifwiki: Windows Git

Windows binary of Git 1.3.8, using Windows Glk
1.53, ported by Brian Kelley and David Kinder.
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