ifwiki: Glulxe

This directory contains files relating to Andrew Plotkin's Glulxe,
an interpreter for the Glulx Virtual Machine.

# Glulxe-034.hqx
ifwiki: Interpreter_table_archive

Macintosh executable of the Glulxe interpreter,
version 0.3.4, by Andrew Plotkin.

# WinGlulxe.zip
ifwiki: Windows Glulxe

Windows version of the Glulxe 0.6.1 interpreter
using Windows Glk 1.53, ported by David Kinder.

# WinGlulxeSrc.zip
ifwiki: Windows Glulxe

Windows specific source code for Windows Glulxe
0.6.1 (using Windows Glk 1.53),
ported by David Kinder.

# WinGlulxeInstaller.exe
ifwiki: Windows Glulxe

Windows version of the Glulxe 0.6.1 interpreter
using Windows Glk 1.53, packaged as an executable

# glulxe-034-dos.zip

32-bit MS-DOS binaries of Glulxe 0.3.4, built
with GlkDOS 0.19.1 by L. Ross Raszewski.
Includes text only and graphical versions.

# glulxe-035-linux.tar.gz

Glulxe 0.3.5 binaries for Linux for console
and X-Windows.

# glulxe-035-osx.gz

Glulxe 0.3.5 binary for Mac OS X, built by
Brian Slesinsky using Cheap Glk. This is a
text based application that can only be run
from the command line.

# glulxe-035-solaris8.tar.gz

Glulxe 0.3.5 binary for Solaris 8, built by
Mark Musante. The binary was created with xglk
and includes libpng.so.2 with a statically
linked libjpg v6b.

# glulxe-040-pma.zip

Glulxe 0.4.0 for the Archos PMA430, built with
GlkTerm by Nexami Engeo.

# glulxe-050-amiga.lha

Glulxe 0.5.0 for the Amiga, built by David Kinder.

# glulxe-061.tar.gz

C source code for the Glulxe interpreter,
version 0.6.1, by Andrew Plotkin.

# pGlulxe-035.zip

Pocket Glulxe 0.5, a PocketPC 2002 and Windows
Mobile 2003 version of Glulxe 0.3.5, built by
Stark Springs. Archive includes PocketPC 2002
StrongArm executable.

# k3glulxe-061.tar.gz

Glulxe 0.6.1, for Kindle 3 / Kindle Keyboard,
compiled by Daniel Gaskell.
Binary, source, and font/configuration files for myTS terminal.
(Uses cheapglk 1.8.4.)

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