This directory contains files related to Confusion, an
MDL interpreter which, to quote its author,
"Works just well enough to play the original Zork all the way through."

# confusion_0.2.tgz

Confusion version 0.2, written by Matthew T. Russotto.
An MDL interpreter sufficient to run MDL Zork.
GPL v3, source code only.


Windows executable for Confusion version 0.2, ported
by David Kinder.

# confusion_mdlzork.tgz

Instructions and patch files to make the MDL Zork
sources usable with Confusion, by Matthew T. Russotto.

# gc.tar.gz

Source code for version 6.8 of Hans-J. Boehm's
conservative garbage collector for C and C++.
This is required for building Confusion.
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