This directory contains the C source code for the TADS compiler and run-time.

# HyperTADS-src-123.sit

Source code for HyperTADS 1.2.3, a HTML TADS
2.5.4 run-time for the Macintosh,
written by Iain Merrick.

# MaxTADS-src-116.hqx

C source code for MaxTADS version 1.1.6,
by Andrew C. Plotkin.


Source code for PocketTADS 0.1, a TADS 2.5.7
Run-time for PocketPC and PocketPC 2002. Ported by
David Batterham, using Stark Springs' PocketGlk


Source code for Stephen Granade's WinTADS 1.3.4, a
TADS 2.5.5 Run-time for Windows.

ifwiki: XTads

Source code for XTads prebeta-19, a TADS 2/3
interpreter for Mac OS X 10.13+, by Rune Berg.
[this file is linked from </if-archive/programming/tads3/source/>]

# frobtads-1.2.3.tar.gz
ifwiki: FrobTADS

Source code for FrobTADS 1.2.3, a text-mode TADS 2 and
TADS 3 interpreter and compiler, by Nikos Chantziaras.
It compiles under many different systems, including
Unix (Linux, BSD, Solaris, Mac OS X, etc.), BeOS and
Microsoft Windows.
[file is linked to </if-archive/tads3/source/>]


HTML TADS source code, version 2.5.16, by Mike Roberts.

ifwiki: Jetty

Source code for Jetty 1.2, a Java TADS 2
interpreter by Dan Shiovitz.

# openbsd_tads2src-255.diff

Patches for TADS 2.5.5 to compile under OpenBSD,
by Mark Wickham.

# qtads-2.1.6.tar.bz2
ifwiki: QTads

Source code for QTads 2.1.6, a combined TADS 2 and 3
multimedia HTML-enabled interpreter for Unix/X11
using the Qt library, by Nikos Chantziaras.
[This file is linked to </if-archive/tads3/source/>]


Source code for release 2 of Simon Quinn's
EPOC/Psion port of the TADS 2.5.5 run-time.


Source code for Alexey Veretennikov's Symbian 7.0s
Series 80 devices port of the TADS 2.5.5 run-time.
Based on Simon Quinn's EPOC port.

# tads23-unix.tar.gz

Source code for the Unix port of TADS, 2.5.9/3.0.8.
[This file is linked from </if-archive/tads3/source/>]


TADS source code, version 2.5.16, by Mike Roberts.


Source code for Stephen Granade's OS/2 port
of TADS 2.2.
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