# TADSErrorMaster.hqx

TADS Error Master, by Trevor Burdick.
An error-code lookup utility for TADS compiler errors
for 68K and PPC Macintoshes.

# detads.pl

A Perl script which decompiles TADS 2 game files
to source code, written by Daniel Schepler.

# t2disasm.pl

A Perl script which disassembles objects and code
from TADS 2 games, written by Daniel Schepler.

# tads_appleguide.sit.hqx

TADSguide v1.0, by Trevor Burdick.
Mike Roberts' instruct.t converted to an Apple Guide.

# tads-template-0.9.sit.hqx

The TADS Template v0.9, by Jared L. Reisinger.
A stack for Macintosh HyperCard 2.1 for prototyping
TADS adventures.

# textout.zip

Extracts user-visible text from TADS source code (for
spell-checking etc.).
DOS executable version 1.1 by Rick LaBach

# untads.pl

Perl script to pull quoted text out of TADS source
code for spell-checking or proofreading,
revision 0.2 (04nov96), by Matthew Amster-Burton

# veriverb.zip

Verb call and uniqueness verifier for TADS games,
supplements the compiler's error checking.
DOS executable version 1.0 by Rick LaBach

# vocab.l

Unix filter (written in [f]lex]) that checks TADS
noun lists for multiple words that are the same,
ignoring case, to six characters.  Such errors cause
the common "Which X do you mean: the X, or the X?"
problem.  Written by David M. Baggett.

# vt.gam

VT, a TADS verb templates examples generator
written in TADS by Kevin Forchione.
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