# QRefs.zip

Three TADS 3.0.9 Quick Reference Charts in PDF format,
by Eric Eve. The charts are for Templates, Action
Messages, and Dynamic Characters.

# T3GettingStarted.zip

Getting Started in TADS 3, an introduction to writing
IF in TADS 3.0.16, in PDF format, by Eric Eve.

# TourGuideCHM.zip

TADS 3 Tour Guide for TADS 3.0.16, a more in-depth
reference and tutorial for people who have completed
the Getting Started Guide, in CHM help file format
for Windows, by Eric Eve.
("The Quest of the Golden Banana", the TADS 3 game
developed in this guide, is available as

# TourGuideHtml.zip

TADS 3 Tour Guide for TADS 3.0.16 in HTML format.

# TourGuidePDF.zip

TADS 3 Tour Guide for TADS 3.0.16 in PDF format.

# tads_doc_313.zip

The full documentation package for TADS 3.1.3,

- Getting Started in TADS 3
- TADS 3 Tour Guide
- System Manual
- Technical Manual
- Library Reference Manual
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