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Magazine articles and similar about Infocom and its works, mostly dating from when Infocom was active.

Note: The *-text files were uploaded by Infocom employee Stu Galley from his private archive (read: attic).

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AmigaWorld86.txt [14-Jan-1996]

Two articles from AmigaWorld January/February 1986, pages 70-73, transcribed by Kirk Davies:

  • The Wizard of Wishbringer - "A totally objective, highly critical and unbiased interview with Infocom game designer Brian Moriarty, by Brian Moriarty."

  • Tour of a Dream Factory - A visitor's description of Infocom, by Bob Liddil [07-Jan-1993]
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Articles by and interviews with Infocom writers compiled by Paul David Doherty. Contents:

  • IEEE Computer, 1979: "Zork: A Computerized Fantasy Simulation Game" by Lebling/Blank/Anderson
  • Creative Computing, 1980: "How to Fit a Large Program Into a Small Machine" by Blank/Galley
  • Byte, 1980: "Zork and the Future of Computerized Fantasy Simulations" by Lebling
  • Mike Gerrard's Lebling Interview (1987)
  • Paul Rigby's Moriarty Interview
  • New Zork Times, 1985: "The History of Zork" by Anderson/Galley
BYTE_1981-02_Zork_Advert.pdf [17-Feb-2012]

Zork Advert, from Byte February 1981.

BYTE_1981-02_Zork_Product_Review.pdf [17-Feb-2012]

Review of Zork by Bob Liddil, from Byte February 1981.

Dan_Horn_interview.mp3 [13-Oct-2015]

ANTIC Interview 88 with Dan Horn, technical director at Infocom. Hosted by Randy Kindig, Kevin Savetz and Brad Arnold.

Discover_March1984.pdf [11-Apr-2023]

"Games With a Real Byte To Them," by Gary Taubes, published in the March 1984 issue of Discover magazine.

Enchanter_Ahoy_Mar84.pdf [06-Jul-2013]

Review of Enchanter, from Ahoy March 1984.

Family_Computing_Apr88_Beyond_Zork.pdf [05-Jul-2013]

Review of Beyond Zork, from Family Computing April 1988.

Family_Computing_Dec86_Disk_Drive_Detectives.pdf [04-Jul-2013]

"Disk Drive Detectives: Make Fiction Come Alive with Mystery Games", by Shay Addams. Features "Deadline," "The Witness," "Ballyhoo," and other games. From Family Computing December 1986.

Family_Computing_Dec87_Stationfall.jpg [04-Jul-2013]

Review of Stationfall, from Family Computing December 1987.

Family_Computing_Feb87_Trinity.jpg [04-Jul-2013]

Review of Trinity, from Family Computing February 1987.

Family_Computing_Jun84_Blank_Berlyn_interview.pdf [01-Jul-2013]

"The Hard-Boiled School of Software: An Interview with Marc Blank and Mike Berlyn of Infocom", from Family Computing June 1984.

Family_Computing_Jun84_Suspended.pdf [01-Jul-2013]

Review of Suspended, from Family Computing June 1984.

Family_Computing_Jun85_Hitchhikers_Guide.jpg [02-Jul-2013]

Review of The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, from Family Computing June 1985.

Family_Computing_Jun85_Wander_into_Wonderland.pdf [02-Jul-2013]

"Wander Into Wonderland: Adventure Games Take You on a Vacation to a Place as Vivid as Your Imagination." An article about the appeal of adventure games, with an emphasis on Infocom. Also includes a sidebar interview with Douglas Adams. From Family Computing June 1985.

Family_Computing_May87_Moonmist.jpg [04-Jul-2013]

Review of Moonmist, from Family Computing May 1987.

Family_Computing_Sep83_Zork1.pdf [01-Jul-2013]

Review of Zork 1, from Family Computing September 1983.

Games.87 [07-Dec-1993]

They Take the High-Tech Route to Adventure, by Burt Hochberg from Games magazine August/September 1987

GamingWorld91.txt [15-Feb-1995]

Excerpt from A History of Computer Games, by Johnny Wilson from Computer Gaming World, November 1991

globe.890522 [06-Dec-1993]

Computer-Games Firm Moving to California, by Ronald Rosenberg. From Boston Globe, Monday May 22, 1989

Globe84-text [09-Mar-1993]

Masters of the Game, by Richard Dyer from "The Boston Globe" Magazine, May 6, 1984

infidel.txt [14-Oct-1996]

INFIDEL (Infocom) vs SANDS OF EGYPT (Datasoft) Reviewed by Michael Blanchet. From Computer Games, July/August 1984 typed in by Joe Barlow

Newsweek85-text [10-Mar-1993]

Lost in Computer Fiction, by Bill Barol from Newsweek, December 23, 1985

NYT83-text [10-Mar-1993]

Participatory Novels, by Edward Rothstein from The New York Times BOOK REVIEW, May 8, 1983

NZT-advice.txt [23-Aug-1995]

A collection of New Zork Times advice columns, transcribed by Graeme Cree:

  • Ask Duffy, from Summer 1984, page 5
  • Ask Jennifer, from Winter 1985, page 5
  • Dear Miss Underground Manners, from The Status Line, Fall 1986, page 2
NZT-answers.txt [23-Aug-1995]

Frank Answers to the Ten Most Frequently Asked Questions from The New Zork Times, Spring 1984, page 1-2 transcribed by Graeme Cree

NZT-atomic-text [06-Dec-1993]

How I Spent My Summer Vacation, by Brian Moriarty from ****, Spring 1986 from The Status Line, Spring 1989

NZT-Briggs.txt [23-Aug-1995]

Infocom's First Romance: Plundered Hearts author Amy Briggs talks about why she chose to write an interactive romance from The Status Line, Winter 1987, page 9 transcribed by Graeme Cree

NZT-falcon.txt [05-Sep-1995]

The Shrinkwrapped Falcon, by A. Dashiell Meretzky from The New Zork Times, Winter 1985, page 3 typed in by Dave Robeson

NZT-Fooblitzky.txt [23-Aug-1995]

Fooblitzky Keeps Puzzle-Solvers Busy from The New Zork Times, Winter 1986, pages 1 and 5 transcribed by Graeme Cree

NZT-gamedev.txt [23-Aug-1995]

Inside Look at Game Development from The New Zork Times, Winter 1984, page 4 transcribed by Graeme Cree

NZT-GUEtech.txt [23-Aug-1995]

Is It GUE Tech or MIT? Dave Lebling Explains It... from The Status Line, Winter/Spring 1988, page 5 transcribed by Graeme Cree

NZT-horoscope.txt [23-Aug-1995]

A collection of New Zork Times horoscopes, transcribed by Graeme Cree:

  • Infocom Horoscope, from Spring 1984, page 3
  • Your Weekly Horoscope by Omar, from The Status Line, Summer 1986, page 2
NZT-InfoBets-text [06-Dec-1993]

How much you wanna bet? Dinner in Paris or Tokyo - A history of InfoBets (anonymous) and California Academy of Sciences debuts 'Marathon of the Minds', by Stu Galley from The Status Line, Winter/Spring 1987

NZT-music.txt [23-Aug-1995]

Music From the Great Underground Empire (reprinted from U.S. News and Dungeon Report, 9/18/951) from The New Zork Times, Spring 1985, page 8 transcribed by Graeme Cree

NZT-name-text [02-Mar-1993]

A Zork By Any Other Name from The New Zork Times, Winter 1984

NZT-parser.txt [23-Aug-1995]

Parser??? by Stu Galley from The Status Line, Spring 1989, page 2 transcribed by Graeme Cree

NZT-Sandusky-text [06-Dec-1993]

Upper Sandusky: No, it's not on Lake Erie and there isn't a Joe's, by Steve Meretzky from The Status Line, Fall 1987

NZT-Sasha-text [06-Dec-1993]

Sasha Blunderbraas: Prime Virtuosa, by S. Eric Merescu from The New Zork Times, Spring 1985

NZT-Suspect.txt [23-Aug-1995]

Suspect Author Suspected, by Dave Lebling from The New Zork Times, Winter 1985, page 8 transcribed by Graeme Cree

NZT-testing-text [06-Dec-1993]

They're never satisfied, by Dave Lebling from The New Zork Times, Fall 1984

NZT-Witness-text [02-Mar-1993]

How "The Witness" Came to Be from The New Zork Times, Summer 1984

NZT-Zorkhistory.txt [23-Aug-1995]

Three articles on the history of Zork, transcribed by Graeme Cree:

  • The History of Zork - First in a Series, by Tim Anderson, from The New Zork Times, Winter 1985, pages 6-7 and 11
  • The History of Zork - Second in a Series, by Tim Anderson, from The New Zork Times, Spring 1985, pages 3-5
  • The History of Zork - The Final (?) Chapter: MIT, MDL, ZIL, ZIP; by Stu Galley, from The New Zork Times, Summer 1985, pages 4-5
NZT-ZQ-text [08-Mar-1993]

Good-Bye to The Status Line, Hello to ZQ (Zork Quarterly)

PCjoker92.txt [31-Jan-1994]

Ein offenes Gespraech mit Steve Meretzky (German) interview from PC Joker 5/92 (September/October 1992)

PCjoker94.txt [31-Jan-1994]

Ein offenes Gespraech mit Infocom (German) an interview with Eddie Dombrower and William D. Volk, the makers of Return to Zork from PC Joker 2/94 (February 1994)

PCjoker95.txt [28-Jun-1995]

Ein offenes Gespraech mit Bob Bates (German) interview from PC Joker 7/8'95 (July/August 1995)

Post83-text [10-Mar-1993]

Through the Zorking Glass, by Curt Suplee from The Washington Post, December 22, 1983

PowerPlay.91 [14-Apr-1994]

Schmiede der Legenden (German) an interview with Bob Bates, from Power Play 12/91

PowerPlayHHGTTG.txt [05-Apr-1999]

An interview with Douglas Adams about The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, from Commodore Power/Play, April/May 1985

Practical82.txt [17-Jun-1994]

Zork - Magic Meets Science Fiction, by Peter Fitch from Practical Computing, April 1982 [28-Jul-2023]
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Articles about Infocom and the Implementors, 1982-1999. Collected by Peter Scheyen at; now mirrored at

  • "EXEC INFOCOM: Adventures in Excellence" by Roe R. Adams. Softalk Magazine, October 1982, pages 35-40. [softalk.html]
  • "Marc Blank: The Programmer Behind Zork" by Cathy Yakal. COMPUTE's Gazette, October 1983, Vol. 1, No. 4. [blank.html]
  • "Solving Electronic Adventures" by Roe R. Adams III. In Games Magazine, June, 1984, pages 52-53. [solving.html]
  • "The Wizards of Infocom" by Shay Addams. Computer Games, February 1984, pages 34-37, 52. [wizards.html]
  • "The Challenge of Zork" by Tracie Forman. Electronic Games, ???? [challenge.html]
  • "The Infinitely Improbable Doug Adams" by Roe R. Adams III. Electronic Games, April, 1985, pages 22-25, 78, 80-81. [dna.html]
  • "if yr cmptr cn rd ths..." by Shay Addams. Computer Entertainment, August, 1985, pages 24-27 & 76-77. [parser-war.html]
  • "Beyond Zork: An intimate look at Infocom, Inc." by Clayton Walnum. ANALOG Computing, March 1987, #52, pages 46-51. [infocom-tour.html]
  • "Adventure Playground: Infocom's Dave Lebling" by Mike Gerrard. Your Computer, May 1987. [yc87b.html]
  • "Like a Lemming To Lebling" by Nik Wild. GAMES Magazine, December/January 1987/1988. [tgm.html]
  • "Adventures at Infocom" by Russ Ceccola. Commodore Magazine, January 1988, pages 70-73, 118-119. [adventures.html]
  • "The Renaissance of Amiga Games" by Tom Malcom. Cyberplay, April 1992, pp 26 - 27. [amiga92.html]
  • "The Lost Treasures of Infocom" by Andy Nuttall. Amiga Format, ????. [amigaformat.html]
  • "The Infocom Adventure" by Theo Clarke. Strategy Plus, ????. [strategyplus.html]
  • "This Ain't Your Daddy's Game" by Matthew A Firme. PC Gamer(?), pp 28 - 29. [daddy.html]
  • "On location in the Great Underground Empire" by Johnny L Wilson. Computer Gaming World, February 1993, pages 19-21. [cgw93.html]
  • "Where Are They Now?" by Steven Greenlee. Computer Game Review, April 1996, pages 82-88. [where.html]
  • "Don't Panic - Douglas Adams & The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" by Neil Gaiman. Titan Books, pages 150-156. [Douglas.html]
  • Game Gods: Steve Meretzky. PC Gamer, September 1999, pages 80-81. [meretzky.html]
Suspended_Ahoy_Jan84.pdf [06-Jul-2013]

Review of Suspended, from Ahoy January 1984.

Time83-text [10-Mar-1993]

Putting Fiction on a Floppy, by Philip Elmer-De Witt from TIME, December 5, 1983

trinityCG.txt [12-Sep-1998]

Review of Trinity, from Compute!'s Gazette, March 1987. Scanned in by Patrick Kellum.

YC-87.txt [28-Jul-1994]

Infocom Special by Roger Garret, from Your Computer March 1987, and Profile: Infocom's Dave Lebling by Mike Gerrard, from Your Computer May 1987 typed in by Torbjoern Andersson

Your64.txt [15-Jul-1996]

A review of "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy", from Your 64, July 1985. Typed in by David Kinder

zzap64.txt [27-Jul-1993]

Four Minds Forever Voyaging, by Sean Masterson (interviews with Dave Lebling, Steve Meretzky, Stu Galley, and Carl Genatossio) from ZZAP! 64; typed in by Hans Persson