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glulx-inform-guide-italiano.txt [16-Feb-2022]

The Game Author's Guide to Glulx Inform, for Inform 6.21(G0.35), by Andrew Plotkin, translated into Italian by Marco Falcinelli.

Guida_a_Inform_Glulx.pdf [16-Feb-2022]

Guida a Inform – Glulx. An Italian guide to using Inform with Glulx, edited by Marco Falcinelli.

Manuale_Inform_Glulx.pdf [28-Feb-2010]

"Come scrivere (e giocare) delle avventure testuali in Inform e Glulx" (in English, "How to write (and play) text adventures in Inform and Glulx"). Written in Italian by Vincenzo Scarpa.