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infocom-logo.svg [23-Jan-2024]

Vector rendering of the Infocom logo, by Andrew Plotkin. Traced from archived images of Infocom material. [26-Apr-1993]
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GIF files of the title screens of the following games, by Mark Howell:

  • Arthur
  • Beyond Zork
  • Journey
  • Shogun
  • Zork Zero
zork_i.gif [12-Jul-1993]

Partial gray-scale scan of the Zork I poster (824x567x256), by Dave Newkirk.

zork_ii.gif [12-Jul-1993]

Partial gray-scale scan of the Zork II poster (824x553x256), by Dave Newkirk.

ZorkZero.bmp [17-Feb-2005]

Zork Zero bitmap for use as Windows wallpaper. Created by David Grimshaw from icons included in the Zork Anthology.