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Ztools, the Infocom Toolkit by Mark Howell, currently maintained by Matthew T. Russotto

Ztools contains the following tools:

check - checks story file integrity, same as $verify command. Works on all types except for V1, V2 and early V3 games which have no checksum in the header. Optionally outputs a new story file of the correct length.

infodump - dumps header, object list, grammar and dictionary of a given story file. Works on all types. Grammar doesn't work for V6 games yet.

inforead - converts IBM bootable disks to story files. Only for IBM PCs, requires Microsoft C or Borland C.

pix2gif - convert IBM MCGA/VGA (*.MG1) picture files from V6 games to individual GIF files, viewable on most platforms.

txd - disassembles story files to Z code assembly language, plus text strings. Works on all games from V1 to V8. Also supports Inform assembler syntax.

Current version: 7/3.1 (07nov98). Some of the executables below contain older versions of Ztools which may not support all of the game files mentioned above.

14 Files

infotoolkit.shk [18-Aug-1993]

Infocom Toolkit by Mark Howell, probably version 14apr93, ported to the Apple IIGS by Matt Ackeret. Runs under Orca or GNO or any compatible shell. Packed with ShrinkIt.

Mac_TXD.sit [03-Dec-1998]

Mark Howell's TXD (and some associated Ztools) ported to the Macintosh by Grey Lowell. Fat binary for 68020 or better and PowerPC

mactxd.sit.hqx [27-Jul-1996]

txd (27jul96, version 5/10) for the Macintosh, ported by Robert M. Dickau

mactxd_readme.txt [27-Jul-1996]

Description of mactxd.sit.hqx

ztools71_mpw.cpt.bin [14-Feb-1997]

Ztools version 7/1 compiled as Macintosh MPW tools by Matthew T. Russotto [25-Sep-1997]
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OS/2 executables version 7/2 (03aug97); ported by John W. Kennedy. OS/2 Warp executable, OS/2 source code, and the original source.

ztools731.tar.gz [07-Nov-1998]
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Ztools portable source code version 7/3.1 (07nov98) for Amiga, DOS, Mac, Unix and VMS [12-Mar-2002]
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MSDOS executables version 7/3.1 (07nov98), built by Steve Nickolas. Archive includes 16-bit (built with Watcom) and 32-bit (built with DJGPP) executables.

ztools731_freebsd.tar.gz [13-May-2001]
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FreeBSD executables, version 7/3.1 (07nov98). [19-Oct-2006]
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Mac OS X executables version 7/3.1 (07nov98), compiled by Brad Town.

ztools731_riscos.spk [12-Apr-2002]

RISC OS executables version 7/3.1 (07nov98), ported by Kevin Bracey. [03-Jun-2001]
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Win32 (Windows 95/98/NT) executables version 7/3.1, ported by Kirk Klobe

ztools73_amiga.lha [15-Feb-1998]

Amiga executables version 7/3 (07feb98), ported by David Kinder [25-Oct-1998]
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BeOS executables version 7/3 (07feb98), compiled by Stephen van Egmond. PowerPC and Intel x86 versions included