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AAS is the Advanced Authoring System, a Java-based text adventure authoring system. It was written by "Roddy Ramieson" (though see the announcement in this directory for more information).

8 Files

AAS.jar [05-Apr-2003]

The AAS command-line interpreter.

AASdoc.pdf [01-Apr-2003]

The AAS manual.

AASexe.jar [05-Apr-2003]

The AAS GUI frontend for the command-line interpreter. Requires AAS.jar.

AASide.jar [04-Apr-2003]

The AAS IDE for making AAS games.

announcement.txt [07-Apr-2003]

Iain Merrick's announcement on regarding AAS.

crimson.jar [06-Mar-2003]

Java XML libraries required for AAS.

jdom.jar [03-Mar-2003]

Java XML libraries required for AAS.

readme.txt [09-Apr-2003]

Instructions for using AAS.