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This directory contains entries to the Spanish 2005 Xcomp, whose website is

8 Items [19-Aug-2005]
Age Arena, by Al-khwarizmi. (Written with AGE, a Java based system.) [19-Aug-2005]
A special edition of AGE, a Java based IF programming system, for the Xcomp. [19-Aug-2005]
Impulso, by Expio (ADRIFT). [19-Aug-2005]
JUG2K, written in Common Lisp. [19-Aug-2005]
Lemniscata, by Depresiv (Z-code). [19-Aug-2005]
La Musa, by Grendel (Glulx). [19-Aug-2005]
Romanfredo, by Aryekaix (Z-code). [19-Aug-2005]
Zendyr's Labyrinth, by Al-khwarizmi (AGE).