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Corruption.sol [04-Aug-1996]
Anonymous solution for Corruption
Corruption.txt [06-Apr-2002]
Solution to Corruption (Magnetic Scrolls), by Stefano Lorenzin
Fish.step [14-Apr-1994]
Stepwise solution for Fish! by Stefan Jokisch
guild.txt [25-Jul-1996]
Solution to The Guild of Thieves
Guild_of_Thieves.txt [06-Apr-2002]
Solution to Guild of Thieves, by Stefano Lorenzin
jinxter.step [22-Feb-1995]
Stepwise solution for Jinxter, by Ton Kroon
Myth.sol [04-Aug-1996]
Anonymous solution for Myth
pawn.txt [15-Jan-1995]
Solution to The Pawn
Wonderland.txt [06-Apr-2002]
Solution to Wonderland (Magnetic Scrolls), by Stefano Lorenzin