These are the entries into Marnie Parker's (aka Doe aka FemaleDeer)
                                2000 IF Art Show.

        The complete information can be found at Marnie's IF Art Gallery:


Index           this file

art.z4          Untitled, by Gunther Schmidl
untitled.txt    Short note about Gunther Schmidl's entry

cove.z5         The Cove, an Interactive Seascape by Kathleen M. Fischer
                Release 1 / Serial number 000322

custard.z7      Custard, an interactive dessert by Evin Robertson
                Release 1 / Serial number 000314
custard.txt     Short note about Custard

galatea.z5      Galatea, by Emily Short
                Release 1 / Serial number 000324
                (an updated version is in games/zcode/Galatea.z8)

guitar.z5       Guitar of the Immortal Bard, an Interactive Still Life
                by Jason Burns
                Release 1 / Serial number 000323

sprkboot.z5     Sparky and Boots, an interactive portrait by James Bernsen
                Release 1 / Serial number 000324

stat1.z5        The Statuette, an Interactive statue by Ian Ball
                Release 1 / Serial number 000324

visitor.z5      The Visitor, a Chat by Peter Polkinghorne
                Release 1 / Serial number 000321
                (an updated version is in games/zcode/visitor.z5)
visitor.txt     Short note about The Visitor


reviews.txt     the judges' reviews of the competition entries

rules.txt       the rules of the competition

winners.txt     the winners

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