For more advanced C64 emulators see
    CCS64 <> and
    VICE <>


Index          this file   64COPY 2.21, by Peter Schepers.
               A C64 archive file converter for the PC, modelled after
               Norton Commander 3.0.       C64S, Commodore 64 Software Emulator for PC by Miha Peternel.
               Demo version 1.0F (sep94), several games included.   Rick's C=64 Emulator Tools, by Rick Brennan   Personal C64, The C64 Emulator for the PC, German
               version, by Wolfgang Lorenz.   Personal C64, The C64 Emulator for the PC, English
               version, by Wolfgang Lorenz.      The Star Commander version 0.82, by Joe Forster.
               "The ultimate copy utility that handles the disk and tape images
               of the C64S emulator ... very similar to the Norton Commander."      External programs for Star Commander 0.82 (see above) to
               read and write many different archive formats.   Trans64 version 1.25, by Bernhard Schwall.
               Transfers files between a PC and a C64 floppy drive; comes
               with English and German documentation and user interface.

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