This directory contains AAS .aas files, which can be used on any
          machine that runs the AAS interpreters. AAS interpreters are
                        in if-archive/programming/aas.


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CaveOfAdventure.aas        Cave of Adventure, the sample game described
                           in the AAS manual, by "Roddy Ramieson". (Actually
                           by Stephen Granade.)

CavernsOfDoom.aas          Caverns of Doom, by "Roddy Ramieson". (Actually
                           by Iain Merrick.)

FabledCavesOfRthnylch.aas  Fabled Caves of R'th-nylch!, by "Pat Vickers".
                           (Actually by Adam Biltcliffe.)

OfficeAhoy.aas             Office Ahoy!, by "Ken Taylor". (Actually by
                           Storme Winfield.)

PleasurePalace.aas         Pleasure Palace, by "Cindy 'CandyFox' Phillips".
                           (Actually by Storme Winfield.)

PrideAndPrejudice.aas      Pride and Prejudice, a game based on Jane Austen's
                           venerable novel. (Actually by Iain Merrick.)

SexualConquest.aas         SEXUAL CONQUEST, an adult text adventure (XXXTA)
                           by "Linc Abrahams". (Actually by Gunther Schmidl.)

aasmasters.aas             AAS Masters, in which all is revealed, by "David
                           Banner." (Actually by Stephen Granade.)
                           (a zcode version of this game is in

advent.aas                 ADVENT, a Christian text adventure by "Arthur
                           Tavistock Jnr". (Actually by Iain Merrick.)

darkness.aas               Cloak of Ultimate Darkness, by "Roddy Ramieson."
                           (Actually by Iain Merrick.)

deadbym.aas                Dead By Morning, an adult text adventure (XXXTA)
                           by "ninjaschlong". (Actually by Sam Kabo Ashwell.)
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