This directory contains games created with ADRIFT.
Interpreters are in [programming/adrift/](../../programming/adrift/).

# old

Older versions of some of the games in this directory.

# 3monkeys.taf
tuid: 3589qkyytmiwczxh
ifwiki: Three Monkeys, One Cage

Three Monkeys, One Cage, by Robert Goodwin.
Requires ADRIFT 4.00.42 or later.

# A_Morning_with_a_Headache.taf
tuid: 35nv4uv2rxshxqx2
ifwiki: A Morning With A Headache

A Morning With A Headache, by Ole Olsen.

tuid: umf3driwf7g7b2s
ifwiki: A Fine Day for Reaping

A Fine Day for Reaping, version 1.2, by James Webb (aka revgiblet).
(the original competition entry is in games/competition2007/adrift/afdfr/)

# ASDFA.taf
tuid: rsgbbo9qi7y114od
ifwiki: A Short Damn Fantasy Adventure

A Short Damn Fantasy Adventure, by David Whyld.

# Alive.taf
tuid: 8ps8thn9t80pscsc
ifwiki: Buried Alive

Buried Alive, version 3, by David Whyld.
Requires ADRIFT 4.00.45 or later.

# All_Through_the_Night.blorb
tuid: vnsq9ot4qo037ubf
ifwiki: All Through the Night

All Through the Night, by Daniel Saults.

# An_Adventurers_Backyard.blorb
tuid: dyj2gyh4st5nhffh
ifwiki: An Adventurer's Backyard

An Adventurer's Backyard, by lyricasylum.

# A_Spot_of_Bother.taf
tuid: vi2rms663mtu73y0
ifwiki: A Spot Of Bother

A Spot of Bother, by David Whyld.

# BarneysProblem.taf
ifwiki: Barney's_Problem
tuid: n9j2zirz3196yc9j

Barney's Problem, by David Whyld.

# Beanstalk.taf
ifwiki: Beanstalk_the_and_Jack
tuid: iturltygobcm1at8

"Beanstalk the and Jack", version 1.0,
by David Welbourn. Winner of "The Comp With No Name".

# Blood_Relatives.taf
tuid: roky8279jpp1gfrf
ifwiki: Blood Relatives

Blood Relatives, by David Whyld.

# CBN1.taf
ifwiki: The_Revenge_Of_Clueless_Bob_Newbie!
tuid: gea3p2opqn91ui1n

The Revenge Of Clueless Bob Newbie!
by David Whyld.

# CBN2.taf
ifwiki: The_Revenge_Of_Clueless_Bob_Newbie,_Part_2:_This_Time_It's_Personal
tuid: 80vhgvbsjgadb6xi

The Revenge Of Clueless Bob Newbie, Part 2:
This Time It's Personal, by David Whyld.

tuid: wehsgjrvzc1m3dtx
ifwiki: Camelot

Camelot, version 1.05, by Finn Rosenløv.

# Choices.taf
tuid: ex0qigqbhqgnk28
ifwiki: Choices (game)

Choices, by David Whyld.

# ChooseYourOwn.taf
tuid: mrvx9q427462ddh2
ifwiki: Choose Your Own...

Choose Your Own..., by David Whyld.

# Choose_Your_Own_Three_Hour_Adventure.taf
tuid: otzuw6q445hp9iwq
ifwiki: Choose Your Own Three Hour Adventure

Choose Your Own Three Hour Adventure, by David Whyld.

# CityInFear.taf
tuid: rfhcr7u8p6og0ksf

City in Fear, by David Whyld.

# CowboyBlues.taf
tuid: xvg03mutcivtm8xt
ifwiki: Cowboy Blues

Cowboy Blues, by David Whyld.

# Crime_Adventure.taf
tuid: 3h5w456zr227f17w
ifwiki: Crime Adventure

Crime Adventure, by Mark Whitmore.

# Cut_the_Red_Wire_No_the_Blue_Wire.taf
tuid: jwirkbm7rdqt1cfl
ifwiki: Cut the Red Wire! No, the Blue Wire!

Cut the Red Wire! No, the Blue Wire! by David Whyld.

# DayAtTheOffice.taf
tuid: vfun9bzukewfb296
ifwiki: A Day At The Office

A Day at the Office, by David Whyld.

# DeadReckoning.taf
tuid: 62nzfrvab3j6csaf
ifwiki: Dead Reckoning

Dead Reckoning, by David Whyld.

tuid: rv8x9rbbiys5diz1
ifwiki: The Door To Utopia

The Door to Utopia, by David Whyld.

tuid: bjcfzgbu7qnjbkrf
ifwiki: The Curse of DragonShrine

The Curse of DragonShrine, by Mystery.

# For_Love_of_Digby.taf
tuid: s08m85pgmgacwcg
ifwiki: For Love Of Digby

For Love of Digby, by David Whyld.

# Full_Circle.taf
tuid: 9bz4qwb0uhrjph4m
ifwiki: Full Circle

Full Circle, by David Whyld.

tuid: tzoiqetcugdfr9m
ifwiki: Give Me Your Lunch Money

Give Me Your Lunch Money, a Tale of the Exploits
of an 8 Year-Old Inventor, by DCBSupafly.

tuid: h6yj013xuhioseik
ifwiki: Ghost Town (by Cowboy)

Ghost Town, version 1.05, by Finn Rosenloev.

# Glum_Fiddle.taf
tuid: d05y106u6mh26561
ifwiki: Glum Fiddle

Glum Fiddle, by C. Henshaw.

# GoblinHunt.taf
tuid: vq6c0kmaj7qxl0s3
ifwiki: Goblin Hunt

Goblin Hunt, by David Whyld.

tuid: 59ztsy9p01avd6wp
ifwiki: Goldilocks Is A Fox!

Goldilocks is a FOX!, by J.J. Guest.
Archive includes Adrift game and a walkthrough.
(an Inform port is in games/zcode/gold.z5)

# HalloweenHijinks.taf
tuid: bswq9x24ebb3zmry

Halloween Hijinks, by David Whyld.

tuid: l00d3izw4kpk949i
ifwiki: The Haunted House of Hideous Horror

The Haunted House of Hideous Horror,
by David Whyld.

# In_the_Claws_of_Clueless_Bob.taf
tuid: xhwsa570n51vtv5
ifwiki: In The Claws of Clueless Bob

In The Claws of Clueless Bob, by David Whyld.

# JACD.blorb
tuid: zojvqmm363xdehvv

Just Another Christmas Day, by Zachary Worcester.

# JGrim.taf
tuid: 4lp2gu9kl795r55x
ifwiki: Jonathan Grimshaw: Space Tourist

Jonathan Grimshaw: Space Tourist, Version 1.3, by Ren.
Winner of the ADRIFT Writing Challenge Comp 2006.

# JimPond.taf
tuid: xe9rsvj4spq3ho3h
ifwiki: Jim Pond & The Agents Of F.A.R.T.

Jim Pond 1, by David Whyld.

tuid: pwkkxd30xmtuk0jw
ifwiki: Lair Of The Vampire

Lair of the Vampire, by David Whyld.

tuid: wtvk9752ap9phms3

Legacy of a Princess, by Red Jett. An adventure set
in the world of the Zelda games.

# Lights_Camera_Action.taf
tuid: ba1k4t2zbk9in43z
ifwiki: Lights, Camera, Action!

Lights, Camera, Action! by David Whyld.

# Locked_door_with_water_trap.taf
tuid: zrhdz2rj593uyveq
ifwiki: Locked Door With Water Trap

Locked Door With Water Trap, by Daniel Buckley.

# LoveForReal.taf
tuid: xftjrkuw7kjjs9w

Love For Real, by Renata Burianova.

# ML256_Blender.taf
tuid: 3qstuk6070boe1s

Makers Local and the Transdimensional Margarita
Blender, version 10, by Jeff Cotten.

# Merry_Murders.taf
tuid: t0brkio0s40kgjg

Merry Murders, by Mel S.

# Monster_Age_I.taf
tuid: zx3f8wfvbm1ghmyn

Monster Age: Trials of Dustorn, by Moonheart Games.
Demo version.
(an executable for Windows is in

tuid: 202tyoigv6ycmnbg
ifwiki: Monsters

Monsters, Release 2, by Daniel Hiebert.

# Montahue_Scott_and_the_Mobius_Belt.taf
tuid: vqecw9eg0v2fnm0i
ifwiki: Montahue Scott & The Mobius Belt

Montahue Scott and The Mobius Belt, by The Mad Monk.

# Mr_Fluffykins_Most_Harrowing_Misadventure.taf
tuid: xh91eta3v4z0ifvj
ifwiki: Mr. Fluffykin's Most Harrowing Misadventure

Mr. Fluffykin's Most Harrowing Misadventure, by Justahack.

# MysteryOfDarkhavenCaves.taf
ifwiki: The_Mystery_Of_The_Darkhaven_Caves
tuid: wr71jf73kbyxh2tx

The Mystery Of The Darkhaven Caves, by David Whyld.

# NeighboursFromHell.taf
tuid: dwaaxn6bgnkieene
ifwiki: Neighbours From Hell

Neighbours From Hell, by David Whyld.

# Noble_crook_episode_1.blorb
tuid: 8tdvjaeox7i3tuhb
ifwiki: Noble Crook

Noble Crook, episode 1, by Karmo Talts.

# Noble_crook_episode_2.blorb
tuid: 8tdvjaeox7i3tuhb
ifwiki: Noble Crook

Noble Crook, episode 2, by Karmo Talts.

# Noble_crook_episode_3.blorb
tuid: 8tdvjaeox7i3tuhb
ifwiki: Noble Crook

Noble Crook, episode 3, by Karmo Talts.

# Noble_crook_episode_4.blorb
tuid: 8tdvjaeox7i3tuhb
ifwiki: Noble Crook

Noble Crook, episode 4, by Karmo Talts.

tuid: 26qrdah6x2bsvs0a

Oh No, Not Another Fantasy Adventure,
by David Whyld.

# Oh_Human.taf
tuid: ua2nga1sr3ykq7yv
ifwiki: Oh, Human

Oh, Human, by Abbi Park.

# Orient_Express.taf
tuid: ra2ukeomz9fzwqea
ifwiki: Orient Express

Orient Express, by Dana Crane.

# Paint.taf
tuid: ca4gts8sw4nlvip5
ifwiki: Paint!!!

Paint!!!, version 2, by David Whyld.

# PercyTheViking.taf
tuid: gxayywumrojgd435
ifwiki: The Saga Of Percy The Viking

The Saga Of Percy The Viking, by David Whyld.

# Phoenix_Destiny.taf
tuid: 6zvku62kie4fwfdo

Phoenix Destiny, by Chris Tyson.

# Pilfers.taf
tuid: s2thx6w1q905la9q
ifwiki: Pilfers

Pilfers, by Daniel Budle.

tuid: yynv531h7ee1uxjr
ifwiki: The Princess In The Tower

The Princess in the Tower, by David Whyld.

# Private_Eye.taf
tuid: 19139891s5547nsz
ifwiki: Private Eye

Private Eye, by David Whyld.

tuid: 52zecdsw0xjyc1yi
ifwiki: Professor Von Witt's Fabulous Flying Machine

Professor von Witt's Fabulous Flying Machine, by
Mystery. Winner of the ADRIFT Summer Minicomp 2002.

# Regrets.taf
tuid: 4f870a8eexo4phri
ifwiki: Regrets

Regrets, by David Whyld.

tuid: nuby1cnd2pb8tuxo

Scene of the Crime, by David Whyld.

# SecretOfLostWorld.taf
tuid: an474hz9w2ks19vg

The Secret Of The Lost World, by Renata Burianova.

tuid: yr5k6cdvhsp8vvjf
ifwiki: Selma's Will

Selma's Will, by Mystery.

# Shadow_Of_The_Past.taf
tuid: hf66hugnpskikmyv
ifwiki: Shadow Of The Past

Shadow Of The Past, by Catharine Post.

# Showtime_at_the_Gallows.taf
tuid: ichhaz9tc4byfyne
ifwiki: Showtime at the Gallows

Showtime at the Gallows, by The Dominant Species.

# Sigurd_Fafnesbane.taf
tuid: kv7x6rbi44hju3n3

Sigurd Fafnesbane, by Eva Vikstrom.

# Snowdrift.taf
tuid: 8toxgs1oxuya8jq0

Snowdrift, by Greg W.

# SoC.blorb
tuid: pkz57pq8lked7ai5
ifwiki: Son of Camelot

Son of Camelot, version 3, by Finn Rosenløv.

tuid: 67el9ly7rgjue4n9
ifwiki: Sommeril

Sommeril Special Edition 1.0, by H. Lee Parten.

# Sophia.blorb
tuid: dosl13y651h09eos

Sophia or Wisdom Defined, by damageTXT.

# Spooked_The_Wonders_of_Science.taf
tuid: ndog6pb92w4erorg
ifwiki: Spooked! The Wonders of Science

Spooked! The Wonders of Science, by The Dominant Species.

# S_Tar_Dus.taf
tuid: 6htd5qrilhcdrm5u
ifwiki: S Tar Dus T

S Tar Dus T, by Amzie.

# Station_XIII.taf
tuid: he4gs4tdtg87sucf
ifwiki: Station XIII

Station XIII, by Ryan J. Bury.

# Sun_Empire_Quest_For_The_Founders.taf
tuid: fcm14qnhnngaonqo
ifwiki: Sun Empire: Quest For The Founders

Sun Empire: Quest For The Founders, by Daniel Hiebert.

# Temple_Of_The_Sun.taf
tuid: x2y1rugsautjiizg
ifwiki: Temple Of The Sun

Temple Of The Sun, by Dana Crane.

# Terrified.taf
tuid: 7l45xg6gi4yeii2p
ifwiki: Terrified

Terrified, by Eric T. Dorrath.

# Textident_Evil.taf
tuid: wkfeqne5hxh9nakf
ifwiki: Textident Evil

Textident Evil, by Kevin Treadway.

# The_Final_Question.taf
tuid: rpsg2bg4ycjifv5n
ifwiki: The Final Question

The Final Question, by David Whyld.

# The_Hunter.taf
tuid: ux41kvslimjalfz8
ifwiki: The Hunter

The Hunter, by Red Assassin.

# The_Night_That_Dripped_Blood.taf
tuid: tvfat6qghhdduddk
ifwiki: The Night That Dripped Blood

The Night That Dripped Blood, by Laurence Moore.

# The_Nonsense_Machine_6000.taf
tuid: 9t7350iyb6cy1pxs

The Nonsense Machine 6000, by Chris Tyson.

# The_Reluctant_Vampire.taf
tuid: ldg8udlxrdcicoo7
ifwiki: The Reluctant Vampire

The Reluctant Vampire, by David Whyld.

# The_Seance.taf
tuid: 3ye7nyymqywrem3

The Seance, by Quantum Sheep.

# The_Search_For_Mr_Smith.taf
tuid: bn85k0ckzdevcmsj

The Search For Mr Smith, by Mike Detwiter and Joe Stryffier.

# The_Shetland_Enigma.taf
tuid: c7fyxlt5qeeganl3
ifwiki: The Shetland Enigma

The Shetland Enigma, by Ryan J. Bury.

# The_Shuffling_Room.taf
tuid: p1pubv1izne0smk8
ifwiki: The Shuffling Room

The Shuffling Room, by Stewart J. McAbney.

# The_Skydiver.taf
tuid: yydqznoeagm9s7pm
ifwiki: The Skydiver

The Skydiver, by Fenris.

# The_Spirits_Flight.taf
tuid: hgg4ypfebfdn1ov
ifwiki: The Spirit's Flight

The Spirit's Flight, by Andy Ko and Karen Kwan.

# The_Stowaway.taf
tuid: 1yaxvnunmrifseg7
ifwiki: The Stowaway

The Stowaway, by Benjamin Samuel.

# The_Strange_Tale_of_Dr_Wilkins.taf
tuid: e6kej0hl8q50hoau

The Strange Tale of Dr Wilkins, by N. Bear.

# The_Town_Of_Azra.taf
tuid: xobo7b2ejm245mbc
ifwiki: The Town Of Azra

The Town Of Azra, by Stan Tencza.

# The_Will.taf
tuid: jjwfc0kz3k7x7vui
ifwiki: The Will

The Will, by Ambrosine.

# The_World_According_to_CBN.taf
tuid: 68ak7p3jhvgbdy8h
ifwiki: The World According To CBN

The World According to Clueless Bob Newbie, by David Whyld.

# The_X-Files_A_New_Beginning.taf
tuid: jujw09ki3u4tw50d

The X-Files: A New Beginning, by Superbone Ali.

tuid: afx9docoys9w3ttv
ifwiki: The Last Hour

The Last Hour, by Roberto Grassi, written for the
2004 ADRIFT "One Room" Competition.
Archive includes game file and documentation.

# To_Hell_And_Beyond.taf
tuid: wb9xpmdxhztkr26o
ifwiki: To Hell And Beyond

To Hell And Beyond, by Steingrimur Jonsson.

tuid: 6d9dfn2akcrlq1bu
ifwiki: To Hell in a Hamper

To Hell in a Hamper, by J. J. Guest. Winner of the
ADRIFT Spring Competition 2003.
Requires ADRIFT 4.00.36 or later.
(a TADS version is in games/tads/hamper.gam, and
glulx is in games/glulx/To_Hell_in_a_Hamper.gblorb)

# Toxically_Earth.taf
tuid: 5q3nday4y2oj4y6m
ifwiki: Toxically Earth

Toxically Earth, by Tobias Schmitt.

# Unfortunately.taf
tuid: 795lj4v4c21r3vq2
ifwiki: Back To Life... Unfortunately

Back To Life... Unfortunately, version 3,
by David Whyld.
Requires ADRIFT 4.00.45 or later.

tuid: 7373q45c9jh4t5yg
ifwiki: Unraveling God

Unraveling God, version 1.1, by Todd Watson.
Archive includes Adrift Runner 4.00.36: Playing the
game with later versions may cause problems.
(the original competition entry is in

# Video_Tape_Decay.taf
tuid: a3uc6felhugn9olb
ifwiki: Video.Tape / Decay

Video.Tape / Decay, by The Dominant Species.

# Villains_And_Kings.taf
tuid: r6csd9z98jjyg1pt

Villains And Kings, by Neal the Great.

# Whatever_Happened_to_Uncle_Grumble.taf
tuid: wxgei5xjgi3q5l7f

Whatever Happened To Uncle Grumble? by David Whyld.

# Witness_Demon_vs_Vampire.taf
tuid: i4imsiyzgvoduzqj
ifwiki: Witness: Demon vs Vampire

Witness: Demon vs Vampire, by Robert Street.

# Wolves_at_the_Door.taf
tuid: arxiea2sj3qbo9w5
ifwiki: Wolves At The Door

Wolves at the Door, by David Whyld.

tuid: suegaa49qa782337
ifwiki: The Woods Are Dark

The Woods Are Dark, by Cannibal.
"An old and abandoned cottage on the outskirts of
Black Hill and two of your closest friends are
missing. It's time to be very scared."

# WorstGameInTheWorld.taf
tuid: i410czvqeiqmuefq
ifwiki: The Worst Game In The World... Ever!!!

The Worst Game In The World... Ever!!!
by David Whyld.

tuid: b4iu98scsfia2eqf

Yet Another Damn Fantasy Adventure,
by David Whyld.

tuid: 5k97f0al1jmlm1tq

Abyss, by Tony Ash, written using TAG, the precursor
to Adrift. Archive includes game and interpreter

# akron.taf
tuid: l2iet3jg1n9ral3t
ifwiki: Akron

Akron, by Markus Kolic.

tuid: 23hx04iiybvtoyel
ifwiki: Albridge Manor

Albridge Manor, by Woody Ross.

# bariscebik.taf
tuid: zxgi0opkwzsk30t2
ifwiki: Bariscebik

Bariscebik, by Bahri Gordebak.

# beer.taf
tuid: asxh5rigrcdbduoe
ifwiki: When Beer Isn't Enough

When Beer Isn't Enough, version 2, by Matt.

# blast.taf
tuid: lfo8slzd5lrob4di
ifwiki: Blast

Blast, by Richard Otter.

# blood.taf
tuid: atmazg3paqgv680r
ifwiki: Fire in the Blood

Fire in the Blood, by Richard Otter.

# cave.taf
tuid: n6l3czjvhta4zg11
ifwiki: Cave of Wonders

Cave of Wonders, by Campbell Wild.

tuid: g6j7mzwr5oz50zzw
ifwiki: Menagerie

Menagerie!, by David Good.
Winner of the ADRIFT Spring 2001 MiniComp.
"You are an animal lover who works for PETA. Your
goal is to get videotape of the animals at the
circus, whom you suspect are mistreated."

# coloromc.taf
tuid: ka11wj4yszn1evvo
ifwiki: Color of Milk Coffee

Color of Milk Coffee, by Bahri Gordebak.

tuid: 0mk8nwinte1t02r7
ifwiki: The Game To End All Games
tuid: ebsa2kzl21bwebec
ifwiki: Forum
tuid: fxa2vldxtsjsa7vh
ifwiki: Forum 2
tuid: hmws2bkb41rh3wsq
ifwiki: Saffire
tuid: k5cohi91e5lnk3tt
ifwiki: Topaz
tuid: 7vhrwgkl8522cp5b

The Woodfish Compendium, a collection of all
Woodfish's games:

- The Game to End All Games
- Forum
- Forum 2
- ImagiDroids
- Saffire
- Topaz

# competitions

A symbolic link to games entered into various Adrift

ifwiki: Cursed
tuid: jb091lzkdkb44n22

Cursed v2.1.10, post-IFComp2011-release,
by Nick Rogers.
(the original competition entry is in

tuid: 8mk7fj972uvoj14e
ifwiki: Cyber Warp

Cyber Warp 1 and 2, by Robby L.

tuid: 3f3b9f1w4dv1exlf

The Dark Hour, by Alexandra Koslowska.

tuid: zll159j3yve208xq
ifwiki: Darkness (game)

Darkness, V1.21, by Richard Otter.
6th place in InsideADRIFT Game of the Year Comp 2004.
Requires ADRIFT 4.00.45 or later.

# delight.taf
tuid: qxu8ej213ttf0igk
ifwiki: Crawler's Delight

Crawler's Delight, by Atrios Troll.
WARNING: Contains adult content.

# dontgo.taf
tuid: 9tskmaak3hzkfuqa
ifwiki: Don't Go

Don't Go, by Bahri Gordebak.

# door.taf
tuid: xuyokgskcsqq2vxm
ifwiki: Door (game)

Door, by Richard Otter.

ifwiki: Doctor_Who_and_the_Vortex_of_Lust
tuid: lxwb7xwpgfgdn97j

Doctor Who and The Vortex of Lust, by
Christopher Cole.
WARNING: Contains adult content.

# dusk.taf
ifwiki: A Walk At Dusk
tuid: 66erxbpbtnuz9nmd

A Walk At Dusk, version 2. An interactive essay
by Eric Mayer.

# edithscats.taf
tuid: ho0uszap75w9tje
ifwiki: Edith's Cats

Edith's Cats, by roboman.

tuid: 44pokb1jjy168pqc
ifwiki: Escape to New York

Escape to New York, Post-Comp version,
by Richard Otter.
(the original competition entry is in

ifwiki: Encounter_1_:_Tim's_Mom
tuid: zxitjg2f9ttaz2vy

Encounter 1 : Tim's Mom, by Christopher Cole.
WARNING: Contains adult content.

ifwiki: Encounter_2_:_The_Study_Group
tuid: x4ohidnuiu84dnrd

Encounter 2 : The Study Group, by Christopher Cole.
WARNING: Contains adult content.

# exercise.taf
ifwiki: Too_Much_Exercise
tuid: 4dij8zemwwi6u4tp

Too Much Exercise, by Robert Street.

ifwiki: Far_From_Home
tuid: hqd18uc0yw1oxo9l

Far From Home, version 1.2, by The Mad Monk.

tuid: u2rz04iqqtesqewr
ifwiki: Escape to Freedom

Escape to Freedom (revisited), version 1.00.
Originally written for the C64 by Mario Moeller,
and ported to ADRIFT by Richard Otter.
Requires ADRIFT 4.00.46 or later.
(the original C64 game is in

# frustrated.taf
tuid: dplbhgh2a4lv9wsn
ifwiki: Frustrated Interviewee

Frustrated Interviewee, version 2.0, by Robert Rafgon.

ifwiki: The_Gamma_Gals
tuid: h5fgaxw7tbyeop47

The Gamma Gals, by Christopher Cole. Version 1.2.
WARNING: Contains adult content.

# gateway.taf
tuid: v1qmk0epi4ya2tzs

Gateway: Guardian Child, by Michael R. Grice.

# haunt.taf
tuid: wnyq6948ojskzryy

House of the Damned, by Campbell Wild.

tuid: lnbfxv1obov630mc
ifwiki: How to Conquer the World

How to Conquer the World, version 2.0,
by Jason Mac Innes.

# howitstarted.taf
tuid: 7efmw1y686b9e486
ifwiki: How It All Started

How It All Started, by Kevin Treadway.

# hungry.taf
tuid: wls1zahs5c6kcbxt
ifwiki: Hungry

Hungry, by Richard Otter.

# igor.taf
tuid: e7skiwjpuil4v56g
ifwiki: Igor (2010)

Igor, by Ian Thomson.

# inverness.taf
tuid: gff55zqk8e5666dj

Inverness Castle, by David Good.

# i.taf
tuid: igyleeqpqo34i3wr
ifwiki: I...

I, by Christopher Cole.

# jim.blorb
tuid: pdka9esttivlugda
ifwiki: Jacaranda Jim

Jacaranda Jim, originally written by Graham Cluley,
and ported to ADRIFT 5 by Campbell Wild.
This is version 1 of Campbell's port.

tuid: ibjxjjgb18feo0fq

The Long Journey Home, by Danny Chabino.

# labyrinth.taf
tuid: mxir1sqtj81jpqew
ifwiki: The Leviathan Labyrinth

The Leviathan Labyrinth, by Cheryl Howard.

# lifesimulation.taf
tuid: 72rbljl4f8ujh09p

Life Simulation, by Chris Tyson.

# life.taf
tuid: surm5amhlvd4ob6w
ifwiki: Life (by Echo)

Life, by Steingrimur Jonsson.

tuid: 3d8ee0krgk2o690w

Lost, an interactive short story by Eric Mayer.
Archive includes the game, a readme and a walkthrough.

tuid: c7amwpeslqg0x082
ifwiki: The Magic Show

The Magic Show, version 1.9g, by Jason MacInnes.

# makeshift-magician.taf
tuid: ycrlfxuhe68pz29r
ifwiki: The Makeshift Magician

The Makeshift Magician, by C. Henshaw.

tuid: hxlqyjtyxxa9o2s1
ifwiki: Marika the Offering

Marika the Offering, version 1.1, by James Webb (aka revgiblet).
(the original competition entry is in games/mini-comps/oneroom/

# marlin_affair.taf
tuid: tsx9nyl7mlhaincz
ifwiki: The Marlin Affair: Prologue

The Marlin Affair: Prologue, by Lumin.

# marooned.taf
tuid: 9vmsdpkz7h1nkq6q
ifwiki: Marooned

Marooned, by Bruce Davis.

# murderer.taf
tuid: qqrbwtulmq6tryg
ifwiki: What the Murderer Had Left

What The Murderer Had Left, by Bahri Gordebak.

# mustescape.taf
tuid: y2bww8my5es5b6u1
ifwiki: Must Escape!

Must Escape! version 2.0, by Robert Rafgon.

# newbie.taf
tuid: ed0h7uheehrnscmc
ifwiki: Newbie

Newbie, by Alex Kingsbury.

tuid: jr8abn3p5x11lfa8
ifwiki: Over the Edge

Over the Edge, version 1.1, by Ren. Placed 11th in
the 2006 Hourglass Competition.

tuid: 5gepja4vs4fvytl2
ifwiki: Pathway to Destruction

Pathway to Destruction, by Richard Otter.
Winner of the Adrift 2005 'Finish the Game' competition.
(a Z-code version by the game's author is in

tuid: xhdmyb5lns3ta9ru

Pick Up the Phone Booth and Cry, by Danny Miok.

tuid: zo7hc5kq5cxykf7o
ifwiki: Pestilence

Pestilence, V1.1, by Richard Otter. Placed 2nd in the
2006 ADRIFT Summer Competition.
Requires ADRIFT 4.00.46 or later.
(the original competition entry is in

tuid: l2ilwuc1pjludp7p
ifwiki: Pirate's Plunder!

Pirate's Plunder! by Tiberius Thingamus (aka Duncan Bowsman).

ifwiki: Provenance
tuid: w17xcpkew4ixg0hk

Provenance, version 1.12.16, by Corey W. Arnett.

tuid: 51s7wpmcvyb3r6i
ifwiki: Rachel's Bad Day

Rachel has a bad day, by Sly.
WARNING: Contains adult content.
(an Inform port is in games/zcode/RBD.z8)

# reading.taf
tuid: pl0srreoheznsfzk
ifwiki: A Reading in May

A Reading in May, by Bahri Gordebak.

# rollingthedough.taf
tuid: a59k1bt4s2x3ifhe
ifwiki: Rolling the Dough

Rolling The Dough, by Richard Otter.

# shardsofmemory.taf
tuid: yxljo2ic2heou67a
ifwiki: Shards Of Memory

Shards of Memory, by David Whyld.

tuid: 692uyvb2h1vl5nst
ifwiki: Space Detective

Space Detective, episodes 1-7, by Karmo Talts.

tuid: jwd9f2ba1om1oo4j
ifwiki: Stowaway

Stowaway, version 1.0, by J. Freebase.
WARNING: Contains adult content.

# takeone.taf
tuid: 68mdw9k76x61fuyb
ifwiki: Take One

Take One, by Robert Street.

tuid: fpmhltl1xpu2ft32
ifwiki: Target

Target, by Richard Otter.

# the_pk_girl.taf
tuid: x42jnd21blyaqioj
ifwiki: The PK Girl

The PK Girl, version 4, by Robert Goodwin, with
graphics by Nanami Nekono and music by
Helen Trevillion and OYA-G.
(the original competition entry is in

# the_view_is_better_here.taf
ifwiki: The_View_Is_Better_Here
tuid: 9ztvwpdyf51et2ff

The View Is Better Here, by Echo.

tuid: c98if3sibiezq6na
ifwiki: Ticket to No Where

Ticket to No Where by Richard Otter, version 1.1.

# topaz.taf
tuid: k5cohi91e5lnk3tt
ifwiki: Topaz

Topaz, by Woodfish.
This is an update to the version of this game in

# twilight.taf
tuid: 0g8u3ifgmurya434

The Twilight, by Patrick Kelly.

tuid: fjx01bpxix29chv3
ifwiki: Unauthorized Termination

Unauthorised Termination, Post-Comp version,
by Richard Otter.
(the original competition entry is in

tuid: bzh907aohymvfac
ifwiki: Vague

Vague, version 1.00, by Richard Otter.
(the story file is currently the same as the original
Spring Thing 2009 entry in games/springthing/2009/

# vetknow.taf
tuid: kxdi69sbtz0ueyrr
ifwiki: Veteran Knowledge

Veteran Knowledge, version 2.0, by Robert Rafgon.

# waxworx.taf
tuid: 79wz5de4ai23z2tu
ifwiki: Wax Worx

Wax Worx, version 2, by Eric Mayer.

ifwiki: Camp_Windy_Lake
tuid: z735khur4tfq8sff

Camp Windy Lake, by Christopher Cole. Version 1.2.
WARNING: Contains adult content.

# wrecked.taf
tuid: xevl8nwegv0ve32u
ifwiki: Wrecked

Wrecked, by Campbell Wild.

# xycanthus.taf
tuid: s5weuiy9kl6vi4rb
ifwiki: Doomed Xycanthus

Doomed Xycanthus, by Eric Mayer.

# yonastoundingcastle.taf
tuid: uwnfzme9h7jmoeaz
ifwiki: Yon Astounding Castle! of some sort

Yon Astounding Castle! of some sort, Post-Comp
version, by Tiberius Thingamus.
(the original competition entry is in

tuid: he9qgx2brzyfpu7l
ifwiki: Where is Richard?

Where Is Richard? by Rich Dersheimer.

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LairOfTheVampire.zip2003-01-28 15:36 131K
LegacyOfAPrincess.zip2004-01-25 04:41 40K
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lifesimulation.taf2023-03-24 12:38 35K
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Mr_Fluffykins_Most_Harrowing_Misadventure.taf2023-03-24 16:56 14K
murderer.taf2012-01-30 04:22 13K
mustescape.taf2005-09-02 22:42 17K
MysteryOfDarkhavenCaves.taf2004-08-15 02:29 27K
NeighboursFromHell.taf2004-03-18 12:54 13K
newbie.taf2023-03-24 16:57 3.6K
Noble_crook_episode_1.blorb2018-01-07 17:16 23K
Noble_crook_episode_2.blorb2018-01-07 17:18 22K
Noble_crook_episode_3.blorb2018-01-07 17:20 22K
Noble_crook_episode_4.blorb2018-01-07 17:39 20K
Oh_Human.taf2023-03-24 17:04 7.2K
ONNAFA.zip2003-01-28 15:37 164K
Orient_Express.taf2023-03-24 17:06 12K
over_the_edge.zip2006-10-22 11:39 30K
Paint.taf2004-08-29 16:35 75K
pathway.zip2005-10-22 07:16 30K
pbc.zip2002-08-02 01:45 3.3K
PercyTheViking.taf2004-03-18 12:55 5.8K
pestilence.zip2017-11-29 05:41 222K
Phoenix_Destiny.taf2023-03-24 17:10 118K
Pilfers.taf2023-03-24 17:12 3.6K
plunder.zip2023-02-25 13:11 52K
PrincessInTheTower.zip2003-01-28 15:37 7.4K
Private_Eye.taf2023-03-08 11:43 231K
Professor.zip2002-08-25 23:39 38K
provenance.zip2006-02-11 21:05 850K
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S_Tar_Dus.taf2023-03-24 19:00 41K
SceneOfTheCrime.zip2003-01-28 15:38 67K
SecretOfLostWorld.taf2023-03-25 12:28 49K
SelmasWill.zip2004-01-21 15:16 19K
Shadow_Of_The_Past.taf2023-03-25 12:29 266K
shardsofmemory.taf2004-05-25 22:45 116K
Showtime_at_the_Gallows.taf2023-03-25 12:34 37K
Sigurd_Fafnesbane.taf2023-03-25 12:37 53K
Snowdrift.taf2023-03-25 12:41 25K
SoC.blorb2013-02-09 12:49 463K
Sommeril.zip2004-12-03 08:29 810K
Sophia.blorb2021-03-19 12:07 1.2M
space_detective.zip2018-01-21 14:52 150K
Spooked_The_Wonders_of_Science.taf2023-03-25 15:50 9.7K
Station_XIII.taf2023-03-25 15:52 11K
stowaway.zip2004-07-23 14:42 15K
Sun_Empire_Quest_For_The_Founders.taf2023-03-25 15:55 24K
takeone.taf2006-04-11 10:56 9.3K
target.zip2005-09-04 21:50 48K
Temple_Of_The_Sun.taf2023-03-25 15:56 19K
Terrified.taf2023-03-25 15:58 10K
Textident_Evil.taf2023-03-25 16:50 20K
The_Final_Question.taf2023-03-07 18:56 15K
The_Hunter.taf2023-03-24 12:21 23K
The_Night_That_Dripped_Blood.taf2023-03-24 16:59 18K
The_Nonsense_Machine_6000.taf2023-03-24 17:03 3.5K
the_pk_girl.taf2006-08-19 03:47 1.6M
The_Reluctant_Vampire.taf2023-03-17 16:53 195K
The_Seance.taf2023-03-25 12:26 11K
The_Search_For_Mr_Smith.taf2023-03-25 12:27 28K
The_Shetland_Enigma.taf2023-03-25 12:33 9.3K
The_Shuffling_Room.taf2023-03-25 12:36 4.3K
The_Skydiver.taf2023-03-25 12:38 7.5K
The_Spirits_Flight.taf2023-03-25 15:48 37K
The_Stowaway.taf2023-03-25 15:54 3.7K
The_Strange_Tale_of_Dr_Wilkins.taf2023-03-25 15:54 26K
The_Town_Of_Azra.taf2023-03-25 16:55 14K
the_view_is_better_here.taf2006-09-29 03:28 7.5K
The_Will.taf2023-03-25 18:48 129K
The_World_According_to_CBN.taf2023-03-18 17:10 23K
The_X-Files_A_New_Beginning.taf2023-03-25 18:52 35K
TheLastHour.zip2004-02-20 21:04 21K
ticket.zip2004-10-24 21:54 65K
To_Hell_And_Beyond.taf2023-03-25 16:53 18K
ToHellInAHamper.zip2003-09-13 16:15 78K
topaz.taf2004-05-23 21:21 5.8K
Toxically_Earth.taf2023-03-25 16:58 50K
twilight.taf2000-11-04 05:00 70K
unauthorized.zip2017-11-29 05:20 200K
Unfortunately.taf2005-01-09 18:37 54K
UnravelingGod11.zip2003-06-20 15:57 301K
vague.zip2017-11-29 05:26 240K
vetknow.taf2005-05-08 00:22 51K
Video_Tape_Decay.taf2023-03-25 18:30 9.9K
Villains_And_Kings.taf2023-03-25 18:32 23K
waxworx.taf2005-01-18 18:40 38K
Whatever_Happened_to_Uncle_Grumble.taf2023-03-18 17:06 108K
Where_Is_Richard.zip2024-03-10 18:47 222K
windy.zip2002-06-20 20:01 115K
Witness_Demon_vs_Vampire.taf2023-03-25 18:49 3.8K
Wolves_at_the_Door.taf2023-03-18 17:08 19K
WoodsAreDark.zip2003-09-21 12:48 70K
WorstGameInTheWorld.taf2004-03-18 12:55 9.6K
wrecked.taf2000-11-04 05:00 86K
xycanthus.taf2001-11-22 16:09 114K
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