ifwiki: Alan

ALAN interpreters for these games are available in the directory

# Fish-Mess.zip
tuid: c95zi71i86rm6etd

A Very Hairy Fish-Mess, version 1.2, written with ALAN 3
by Byron Alexander Campbell.

# HollywoodMurders.zip
tuid: 0kf2sfblzoehqduy
ifwiki: The Hollywood Murders

The Hollywood Murders, An Interactive Mystery
written in ALAN 3 by Michael Zerbo.
(An installable Windows version of this game
is in </if-archive/games/pc/>HollywoodMurders.exe, and
a BeOS version is in </if-archive/games/beos/>HollywoodMurders.zip)

# MisGuided.zip

Mis/Guided, a game created as a school project at The Game
Assembly. Version 1.01, written by Jari Sarajärvi,
Patrik Dekhla, Tara Fkri and Rasmus Gunnarsson.

# Room206.zip
ifwiki: Room_206
tuid: bo1damdgdg4oy554

Room 206, release 2, written with ALAN 3
by Byron Alexander Campbell.

# The_Wyldkynd_Project.zip
tuid: os0pfvpcgubbxf
ifwiki: The Wyldkynd Project

The Wyldkynd Project, version 1.05, by Robert DeFord.

# bugged.zip
tuid: kozmwlhgd6icof6x

Bugged, version 1.2, by Anssi Raisanen.

# chasing.zip
tuid: zpjzp8drlwozs0j0
ifwiki: The Chasing

The Chasing, version 1.1, by Anssi Raisanen.
(the original competition entry is in

# city-of-dead-leaves.zip
tuid: egsx6zne55mhn8re
ifwiki: City of Dead Leaves

City of Dead Leaves, by Felix Pleşoianu.
Alan 3 source code, including a minimal standard library

# closet.zip
tuid: 2x6lamp1700wzqmu

Closet, release 3, a short one one-location adventure,
written by Mikko Vuorinen. Alan 2.8 game file

# hebgb.zip
ifwiki: The_HeBGB_Horror!
tuid: sjcl3dxizsq4nxkv

The HeBGB Horror! version 2, by Eric Mayer
(the original competition entry is in

# liny.zip
tuid: uxki5e2ctum10hx6
ifwiki: Lost In New York

Lost in New York, written by Mikko Vuorinen

# plsg.zip
tuid: iu94sqv7nr99pu98
tuid: wio7esv6474kvx6d
tuid: uxki9uhnrhs5sdpa
tuid: dj4i80i11qrh7wk3
tuid: aixamxezzos7b4e6

"Painless Little Stupid Games", a collection of five small
Alan games ("Dinnertime", "To Get To The Other Side",
"They're After You!", "Mazemapper" and "The Mean Story"),
by Bob Reeves.
Includes Alan data files and MS-DOS interpreter
(Updated Z-code versions are in </if-archive/games/zcode/>PLSG.zip)
[file is linked from </if-archive/games/pc/>plsg.zip]

# sardoria.zip
tuid: f7u68nd9cquz72br
ifwiki: Sardoria

Sardoria, version 1.1, by Anssi Raisanen.
(the original competition entry is in

# study.zip
tuid: qd5ptmk64s4l3ku2
ifwiki: Out of the Study

Out Of The Study, version 1.3, by Anssi Raisanen.
(the original competition entry is in

# the_christmas_party.a3c
ifwiki: The_Christmas_Party
tuid: dmsr5lwxofqx3pse

The Christmas Party, by OldGrover.
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