This directory contains adventures written by Paul Panks,
for the VIC-20, C64, C128 and Plus4.


8K Adventure for the Commodore 64, release 1.1.

tuid: jiyaw8jfkbxmte5d

Sea Hunter, for the Commodore 64, 128 and Plus/4.

tuid: 374w00159p6q3n4u

Alesian Plains, version 1.14, for the C64.


B-Venture, version 1.26, by Paul Panks.
Included is an MS-DOS executable and a disk image for
the C64/C128/Vic20.
[file is linked from games/pc/paul-panks/]


Dragon Castle, for the C64.

tuid: jm22lpjoccgvhl35

Castle Draconia, version 1.01, for the Commodore 64.

tuid: wqlyal7qzcqvcxmx

Drax, for the Commodore 64.

tuid: ks7enu69h0klm7zt

Esotera: The Stones of Esotera, for the Plus/4.

tuid: w6ydl2bi7t0cht3f

Mark... of the Vampire!, version 1.20, for the C64.

tuid: z70s199zg72pknr8

Merlin's Quest, version 1.02 for the C16 and Plus/4.

tuid: i11aq3j7reo4qd9a

Mystic Castle, version 1.25, for the C64.

tuid: mk14ce3zm5b9ksh8

Orathan, version 0.82, for the C64, C128 and Plus/4.

tuid: jbg2u365mf3ai07i

A compilation of Paul's adventures for the C64 and
Plus/4, version 1.10.


Paul's 4K Adventure, for the C64.

tuid: 0gfoa7fbz9olh4jg

Shinan Road, version 1.01 for the C64.


Vampyre Cross, for the Plus/4.


Vampyre Cross, for the C64.

tuid: tucw55vxbhqy6n8l

Westfront 64, version 3.21, for the C64 and C128.

tuid: gezij8u2t1wsvt2y

West Front to Apse, for the C64.


West Front to Apse, for the C128.

tuid: jbg2u365mf3ai07i

Westfront II: Eight Trials of a Warrior, version 1.01
for the C128.

tuid: hhp8ddu4uhax7rcz

Westfront VIC-20, version 1.10 for the expanded
VIC-20 with at least 16K.


Wizard Castle, for the C64.

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