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The videocom is bleeping. How do I switch on ?


1.. Examine it. Does that give a clue ?


2. Just touch it.


What am I supposed to be doing ?


1. Have you answered the videocom ?


2. What did Sally ask you to do ?


3. Get Sallyís suitcase from the Cessnaís cargo hold and head to the palladium.


How do I get to the palladium ?


1. The sky is going to be busy at this time of evening, so you canít fly. Didnít Sally recommended another way ?


2. Leave the Dragon Lithoid and explore the city streets. You will find a way.


How do I call a taxi ?


1. Wait around outside the nightclub for a while. You might see someone use one.


2. Press the button on one of the taxi posts and wait.


How do I find Sally ?


1. Where did she say she was ? Do you know your way around the palladium ?


2. No ? Talk to the people there.


3. The ticket-seller is busy. Ask the usher.


How do I get out of the locked store room ?


1. Is there any other way out of the room ?


2. It looks like your options are limited. Perhaps examining the door might give a clue.


3. Someone who lacked your physical strength has tried to kick down the door and failed. Perhaps you can succeed.


How do I escape the compound ?


1. Is there any kind of vehicle you can use ? Try looking for one.


2. Have you found it ? Have you got the key ?


3. The key is on the sofa.


How do I get inside the Falcon Lithoid ?


1. You canít climb the fence. Is there a gap in it anywhere ?


2. Perhaps you will have to use a more obvious way of entry.


3. Itís guarded and blocked though, isnít ?


4. Get rid of the guard and use the controls inside the guard house to open the gate.


The Falcon Lithoid is massive, where do I go ?


1. Where did Darren say Sally was being held ?


2. You had better get there fairly quickly; time is against you. Keep an eye on time (your watch).


3. You need to go up to the top floor, so use the lift. You might want to explore the ground floor first, though.


How can I get past the guard in the Falconís neck ?


1. He is alone, so he wonít be too difficult to deal with.


2. He is armed though, which might be a problem. Is there a way of distracting him ?


3. Is there anything in the room that might distract him ?


4.Have you found a telephone and the directory ? Phone the right number and then take care of him.


How can I get past the two guards in the lift room ?


1. Taking two of them on would be risky.


2. Is there any way to distract them without alerting them to your presence ?


3. Examine them both. What is the weather like at the moment and how are they equipped to handle it ?


4. They are wearing thick coats. Perhaps you can exploit this to your advantage.


5. Use the temperature controller in the climate control room to increase the temperature to an uncomfortable level. One of them might do something about it.


How do I get into the ďarchiveĒ ?


1.. Access to the door is blocked by a laser grid, is there any way of getting around it ?


2. Is there an item you can use ? What is a laser ?


3. What about a mirror ? Can you make a gap into the grid ?


4. Even though it is too tough to damage, perhaps there is a way of getting rid of the grid altogether.


5. Try reflecting the laser at the power cable/box.


How do I get upstairs ? The door is blocked.


1. You need passcode. Do you know it ?


2. Can you guess what it might be ? Can you find it anywhere ?


3. Perhaps it is something only Natalia would know. Can you knock it down instead ?


4. Is there another way of disabling it ? What about a central control system of some sorts ?


5. The control computer is on the ground floor, but you need an item before you can use it.


6. Get into the archive, get the startup disk from the box and use it to access the master computer. Use that to disable the password.


How do I beat Griff ?


1. You have considerable skill in martial arts, but he is a lot bigger and stronger than you are. He also has sharper appendages.


2. It is cunning, but has limited intellect. You have an advantage in terms of agility.


3. Did someone in your ďprevious lifeĒ give you some advice about how to deal with such situations ?


4. There are several ways of dealing with this situation. Above all, use common sense.


5. Use the items and knowledge you have acquired about them thus far. This will make the job much easier.