Operation Extraction

NO beta testers were used during the development of this game.

This game is an experiment in how to portray multiple interactive interconnecting narratives. You do not play a character in this story. Instead, you observe and influence what various characters are doing. Along the bottom of the screen are a row of buttons that allow you to move through the timeline of the story. A typical playthrough of this game will mostly involve clicking on the next button to see how events unfold. You can move from room to room to observe different areas, and occasionally, you will have the option of changing certain decisions and outcomes in the story.


Dr. Galland, a bio-weapons specialist, was kidnapped from her home by the Dawn Militia last Saturday. The Agency has intercepted communications yesterday that she is being held on the fifth floor of the Antico Hotel, and that the Dawn Militia is preparing to move her out of the country, out of our reach.


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