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Written, designed and programmed by Robin Johnson <>.

Music composed and performed by the author.
- Main theme: alto saxophone, U-bass and cajon
- Streets theme: U-bass and cajon
- Speakeasy theme: alto saxophone, U-bass, banjo and cajon
- Italian theme: guitar, bouzouki and maracas
- Moonshiners' theme: banjo in G minor
- Spooky theme: digital piano and melodica
- Tunnel theme: digital piano

This game uses the free font "Rough Typewriter", available at, and artwork from various old pulp novel \ and magazine covers, with thanks to

Testers: David Court, Brendan Hennessy, Mathbrush, Mike Preston, Eve Morris, Andrew Schultz.

Thanks to the IFComp organisers, and to the good people of the forum and the euphoria &if channel, and to Eve.