Sheep Crossing — 9 of 18

Andrew Geng

Release 1

Section - Sheep

A sheep is in the East bank. "A fluffy sheep loiters on higher ground, looking [if the sheep is suspicious]suspiciously at you[otherwise]bored[end if]." The description is "The sheep looks warily back at you." The sheep is a portable, edible, neuter animal. The eating priority of the sheep is 2.

Instead of smelling the sheep:

now the sheep is suspicious;

say "It brings back childhood memories of the county fair."

Instead of listening to the sheep:

say "[one of]'Baa.'[or]'Baaaaaaa.'[or]'Mehhh.'[at random]".

After examining the sheep:

now the sheep is suspicious.

After asking the sheep about:

If the topic understood is a topic listed in the Table of sheep's Replies:

say "[Response entry][paragraph break]";


say "The sheep [one of]looks in your direction and sneezes[or]lowers its head and cautiously sniffs at the grass[or]perks up its ears for a brief moment[at random]."

Table of sheep's Replies

"ducks""QUA-- m... mehh?"
"me/myself/self/manners/trust/gratitude""The sheep looks uncomprehendingly at your face. You sense a hint of disapproval."
"boat/boats/grandmother/grandma/doctor/doctors/tissues/water/river/following""The sheep looks pointedly away."
"cabbage/appetite/grass""The sheep licks its sheepy lips."
"bear/bears/wolf/wolves""The sheep glances suspiciously around before fixing its gaze on you."

A pile of fluff is carried by the sheep. The description is "The fate of your sheep slowly dawns on you." Understand "fluff" as the pile of fluff. The fluff is a corpse.

The sheep chase count is a number that varies. The sheep chase count is initially 0.

Check the player taking the sheep (this is the full sheep rule):

unless the sheep is full:

now the sheep is suspicious;

if the sheep chase count is at least 2:

say "The sheep continues to evade your attempts to pick it up. In between the annoyed glares it aims in your direction, you see it eyeing the cabbage hungrily." instead;


increment the sheep chase count;

say "The sheep evades your attempts to pick it up. All you get for your efforts is a hungry 'BAAA.'" instead.