Dr. Horror's House of Terror

Hints, Tips and Walkthrough!

These hints and tips will hopefully help you if you get stuck in Dr. Horror's House of Terror! They are designed to be gradually revealed. Kind of like invisiclues! The hints get more and more specific. The last hint in each section is the actual turn by turn walkthrough.

(If your browser doesn't support blurring, or if you prefer, I have also included a rot13'd version of these hints in the download package!)

Some hints and tips taking you through the intro and starting section of the game.

I can't do anything at the start!

1.You're in the middle of a scene! You need to do what the Director tells you to.

2.He gives you your line. You need to say it.

3.Just type: I will rid the world of your evil

The Cult keep grabbing me. It doesn't end well!

1.As it says, there are only a limited number of things to do in perilous situations.

2.Hide, run away or attack.


The crazed Cultist keeps on grabbing me!

1.There are only a limited number of things to do in perilous situations..

2.Hide, run away or attack.

3.Attack cultist.

I will rid the world of your evil/w/d/d/e/z/z/hide/w/up/e/s/s/attack

A few pointers on how to deal with the dreadful horrors facing you in the Studios!

They keep throwing me out of the studio!

1.There are only a limited number of things to do in perilous situations.

2.You can hide or run away.

3.Hiding is probably best as what they do in the room might be important. And if you hide, you can spy on them.

4.Take a good look at the guard. In some studios, are they carrying something that looks like it might be useful?

5.You're going to need to 'deal with the security guard' problem at some point.

6.More specific help for each guard is in the Studio section of this walkthrough.

7.Some of the Studio Guards are going to be carrying protection from the undead they guard. You're probably going to need that.

I'm in a perilous situation! What do I do?

1.There are only a limited number of things to do in perilous situations

2.Hide, run away or attack

3.Unless you have protection, of course..

I'm not sure what to do, now.

1.In any Interactive Fiction - it's always best to explore, to see what you can find.

2.There's an interesting rug in the Studio Store.

3.Maybe there's something under it.

4.Move the rug!

5.You can go down through the trapdoor. Probably best to turn the light on, though!

6.Turn the light on

7.Why not try talking to the person you find down there.

I need to unlock that iron cage.

1.The cage is locked. You're going to need a key.

2.Remember in Interactive fiction to examine things - they might have something useful in them or on them.

3.In the Studio Waiting Room, there's all sorts of things on the kitchen counter.

4.examine counter. get tea caddy

5.It rattles when you take it and shake it! There's definitely something in there.

6.But you're not strong enough to open it!

7.You need somebody strong. Pay attention to what the Countess has been saying. Super vampire strength?

8.Countess, open caddy. get key. unlock cage with key.

9.You'll need to make sure you've at least talked to her before you try and ask her to do tasks for you!

The Countess has warned me that I need to protect myself!.

1.Pay close attention to the Guard. He's probably going to have something to protect him from the undead he's guarding.

2.You're going to need that. Uh oh. Looks like you can't hide from him forever.

3.There's 3 different ways you can 'deal with' the security guard in Studio 5. Here's some hints for one of them:

4.Those dangerous looking sets looks suspiciously real.

5.Funny how all your fellow actors have been leaving the studios after filming their scenes on them!

6.Maybe if the security guard had a 'little accident'..

7.That pendulum axe in the Dungeon looks sharp.

8.Maybe if you were to push the axe into the slot, wait till you could hear the security guard approaching, hide and then pull the release handle!

9.You're going to need what's in his remains..

10.get chain. wear cross.

11.Now it's probably safe to unlock that iron cage.

I don't have a code to open the other studios.

1.Not yet you don't.

2.One of the thralls knows the code.

3.They'll tell you it once you've released them.

4.Once they do, go to the Entrance vestibule and just ENTER code.

5.Now you can go east. Examine the console. That big red button looks useful.

6.Press red button. Now all the studios are open! Good luck!!

Here's the full turn by turn walkthrough for Studio 5. Starting in Studio Lot South :

s/w/s/s/e/n/n/w/x counter/get caddy/e/hide/z/move rug/open trapdoor/d/turn on the light/talk to charlotte/(chat)/countess, open tea caddy/get key/up/w/w/push axe/z/z/z/hide/pull handle/get chain/wear crucifix/e/e/d/unlock cage with key/open fridge/up/w/n

That Security Guard won't let me open the moon, and I'm guessing that's a thing I need to do.

1.There are 3 different ways of dealing with the security guard in Studio 1. Here's one:

2.That pit next to the Forest Track looks awfully tempting. Shame he's too on the ball.

3.Perhaps if you got him closer to the edge?

4.Maybe if something was making noise in the pit??

5.It's obviously a cage to put bait in. What could you use as bait, that makes noise.

6.You met Wilma yet? She's a well-trained sheep in Studio 3.

7.If you can get Wilma into the pit, she makes a heck of a racket.

8.It does make the guard very curious.

9.put wilma in cage/turn winch/wait until the security guard comes into the room/push guard

10.You can of course rescue Wilm at this point. Very much up to you.

So how do I find some undead?

1.Now you have the pit baited, you just need to find something to trap in it.

2.You tried opening the moon yet?

3.Open moon so it's full. Now go back to the pit.

I can't have a reasoned debate with a snarling animal!

1.Well you can't talk to a snarling animal. Don't you have your suspicions?

2.When the snarling is in the pit, close moon, then go back to pit. There's a person in there.

3.You need to help them out. Turn winch if the cage is in the pit. Turn it twice if it isn't..

One no! Now it's out of the pit, it won't stop attacking me!

1.Well, the villagers and Annie have told you that werewolves really don't like silver.

2.It would be handy if you had silver in a form that was a threat.

3.Like a silver bullet in a gun.

4.If you examine the corpse by the Den, you find a silver coin.

5.In the Pub is a blunderbuss!

6.Unfortunately the coin is too big to fit in the gun. You need some smaller change.

7.Buy beer in the pub.

8.Load coins into gun. Next time you see the werewolf, You're protected!

Here's the full turn by turn walkthrough for Studio 1. Starting in Studio Lot South :

You will need: Wilma, from Studio 3

n/w/sw/drop wilma/up/s/(chat)/d/get wilma/x corpse/get coin/nw/buy beer/get gun/e/e/put wilma in cage/turn winch/z/z/z/push guard/turn winch/get wilma/nw/open moon/close moon/se/turn winch/turn winch/(chat)/put silver in gun/se/e/s

I can hear creepy noises. Where do I start?

1.The book on the table in the temple looks useful.

2.If you take it, you can cast spells! Make sure you read about each spell.

3.All the rooms except the graveyard are pretty creepy. Maybe there are ghosts here!

How do I summon ghosts?

1.The summoning spell is easy of you have the book of black magic. Just cast summon.

2.Try summoning a Ghost is every room in this Studio! (except the Graveyard)

3.Not working? As per the spell instructions, you need to be near to a thing of power.

4.The voodoo stone for example!

5.You need to be ble to carry it around with you, though.

6.Good thing you have a wheelbarrow handy in the Graveyard.

7.Get wheelbarrow. n. n. Put stone in wheelbarrow.

How do I banish ghosts?

1.As per the instructions, you will need to know the ghost's name to banish them.

2.That's easy. Just talk to them.

3.You're also going to need to bring the sacred stone with you.

4.You can banish many ghosts into the stone.

These ghosts are awkward!

1.Gemma / The old priestess can help. Try talking to her.

2.The ghosts need to live their story.

3.Try talking to a ghost. They'll give you a clue about where they need to be and with whom.

4.Throw the bones when you're in the temple. That will give you another clue.

5.Banish the ghost. Summon them where they need to be. Then talk to them, to find out where they need to be next.

6.Scenes don't need to be completely in order, but here's a list of scenes you can play out :

7.scene 1 : Clarissa and Colonel in Ballroom

8.scene 2 : Clarissa and Jacques in Alleyway

9.scene 3 : Jacques and Evangeline in Aleyway

10.scene 4 : Colonel and Evangeline in Basement

11.scene 5 : Clarissa and Priestess in Temple

12.scene 6 : Jacques, Evangeline and Clarisa in Ballroom

13.scene 7 : Evangeline and Priestess in Temple

14.scene 8 : Colonel and Clarissa in Alleyway

15.scene 9 : Jacques and Clarissa in Ballroom

16.scene 10 : Jacques, Clarissa, Colonel and Evangeline in Bayou

17.scene 11 : Colonel and Evangeline in Basement

18.Final scene : Malevolent ghost and priestess in Temple

So where are the undead I'm supposed to recruit then?

1.Well, there's a graveyard and you've got a raise dead spell.

2.As per the spell instructions, you're going to need some blood, first.

3.Good thing there's a bottle under the throne in the Temple.

4.And (if you've summoned Evangeline) blood weeping from the walls in basement!

5.fill bottle with blood. pour blood onto graves. cast raise dead..

Oh no! The zombies are attacking!

1.The voodoo priestess can 'give you a reward' if you manage to complete the ghost's stories.

2.A compartment pops open in the table!

3.If you're carrying what you find in there, you're protected.

4.Shame they can't talk to you. How will you persuade them to join your army?

5.The zombies will follow the doll. You should lead them back to the studio lot.

6.Oh no! THat poor security guard. Maybe you can talk to her. She's a bit 'fresher'.

Here's the full turn by turn walkthrough for Studio 2. Starting in Studio Lot South :

n/e/talk to guard/(chat)/e/s/s/e/get barrow/n/get book/read book/get bottle/n/put stone in barrow/cast summon/talk to colonel/cast banish/s/cast summon/talk to gemma/(chat)/n/w/cast summon/talk to ghost/s/cast summon/talk to ghost/cast summon/s/cast summon/talk to ghost/cast banish/n/cast banish/2/n/cast summon/2/cast summon/cast banish/2/e/s/cast summon/cast banish/1/n/w/cast banish/1/s/cast banish/s/cast summon/2/cast summon/2/cast banish/1/cast banish/n/cast summon/1/cast summon/2/n/cast banish/s/cast summon/2/cast banish/1/cast banish/1/cast banish/n/e/s/cast summon/3/cast banish/1/n/w/cast summon/3/cast summon/1/cast banish/1/cast banish/s/cast summon/4/cast summon/1/cast banish/1/cast banish/n/e/cast summon/1/cast summon/1/cast summon/1/cast summon/cast banish/w/s/s/cast summon/cast banish/e/n/cast summon/z/z/z/get doll/s/w/fill bottle with blood/e/put blood on graves/cast raise dead/w/n/n/w/talk to guard/(chat)/w/s

What's with the caged creatures in the Menagerie and how do I stop them eating me?

1.Well you can pick the cages up and drop them and open them anywhere in the studio.

2.They don't recognise you!

3.Perhaps if you looked a bit more like their keeper?

4.Wear the Stetson!

5.The whip is useful. Crack the whip to get them back into their cages.

The Guard keeps throwing me out, and I think I need something he's wearing!

1.He really doesn't like those animals. There are 3 ways of dealing with the guard. Here's one.

2.Take a cage, drop it in a Studio 5 location, open it, wait for the guard to show up and watch his reaction.

3.He will avoid any area with an animal in it.

4.Might be an idea to stop him throwing you out of the studio first. Maybe if you dropped an animal near the Sphinx, he wouldn't be able to get past it.

5.He will pretty soon run out of places to go.

6.That passageway to the south in the ruins looks dangerous.

7.If you could block him in there and release some animals?

8.Release an animal near the sphinx, then release animals in the three central location. Then release an animal near the ruins.

I can't find any undead!

1.Have you been into the Tomb?

2.If you examine the pedestal and look closely, there's a circular hand sized depression.

3.That bracelet the guard is wearing seems important. If you look closely, he's always checking he's still wearing it.

4.Fortunately after he is 'disposed off' you get to keep the bracelet. It's also circular and hand-sized.

5.Put bracelet in depression.

The Mummies are attacking!

1.THe Stuidio guard was definitely using the Bracelet as some sort of protection.

2.Nefer-Kare glances at your bracelet and gloats if you're not wearing it.

3.Wear bracelet.

Talk to the Mummy! He's not so bad.

Here's the full turn by turn walkthrough for Studio 3. Starting in Studio Lot South :

You will need : The Wheelbarrow from Studio 2. (Well, you don't need it, but it makes things quicker.)

e/get stetson/remove hat/wear stetson/get whip/get rats/put rats in barrow/get roaches/e/drop roaches/open roaches/se/get rats/drop rats/open rats/nw/w/get snakes/put snakes in barrow/get spiders/e/sw/drop spiders/open spiders/e/get snakes/drop snakes/open snakes/n/w/get scorpions/e/s/s/drop scorpions/open scorpions/get bracelet/wear bracelet/n/drop barrow/d/put bracelet in depression/get bracelet/wear bracelet/talk to mummy/(chat)/up/get barrow/n/w/w

It's extremely annoying being kicked out of the studio.

1.There are 3 ways of dealing with the security Guard in studio 4. Here's one:

2.Remember to hide and pay close attention to what the security guard does in each of the rooms.

3.Especially in the Crematorium.

4.You surely can take advantage! You've got to be quick!

5.Push the gurney.

6.Close the oven door.

7.Now, a dilemma! She's safely locked away, but if you examined her, that thing in her pocket looked important.

8.That button is looking awfully tempting.

I can't find any undead in this Studio!

1.There are no undead in Studio 4.

2.But there's a bit of one.

3.Well, a torso. Looks like you're going to need to make your undead trooper.

4.If only you could find some arms and legs, and a head.

5.Think back to the start. Did you open the fridge?

6.The arms and legs are in the fridge in the Studio Crypt in Studio 5.

7.You're going to need the wheelbarrow from Studio 2 to get them.

8.Don't worry if you can't find a head yet. One will handily appear later in the game.

9.So, you've got a couple of undead to join your army. Suddenly, Astaroth is called! There's a head on a spike, now in Studio Lot North.

10.You've got all the bits? Put them all on the slab.

I've got all the bits on the slab. Now what.

1.To put the bits and pieces together, you're going to need some thread and a needle.

2.There's a sewing machine in the Studio Store in Studio 5. Examine it and open the compartment! Thread!

3.You need to complete the story in Studio 2. As a reward, you get a thing. Examine it. In it is a needle!

4.You can now quite happily sew body parts together! i.e. sew legs to torso and so on.

It's still just a lifeless lump on a slab, even though it has all the necessary bits and pieces.

1.So you have a pretty good monster on a slab made from body parts. Unfortunately, it's not alive.

2.You should have picked up the coil of cord from the Studio Workshop. It has a clip on each end.

3.Scout around. On several things in studio 4, there's an iron ring. Just right for clipping a cord to.

4.There's one on the spike in the Rooftop. One on the slab in the Laboratory. One on the Control Panel in Evil Machinery.

5.We're interested in getting power to the slab.

6.From Rooftop : clip cord to ring/turn wheel/n/e/clip cord to ring/pull handle"

The ungrateful thing is attacking me!

1.Hopefully you paid close attention and examined the security guard.

2.That squarish bulge in the Security Guard's pocket looks important.

3.It's still in the oven once you've pressed the button.

4.You can run away from the monster and go and get it.

5.Then, you can 'play music' or 'wind up music box'. That'll make him happy.

6.Make sure you talk to him and persuade him to join the cause!

Here's the full turn by turn walkthrough for Studio 4. Starting in Studio Lot South :

You will need : The head from Studio Lot North, which will be there when the bone gate opens (you'll know!). The reel of cotton from Studio 5 (it's in the sewing machine). The Wheelbarrow from the Graveyard in Studio 2. The bone needle which is in the voodoo doll you get for completing the ghost stories in Studio 2.

s/e/d/get legs/get arms/up/w/n/n/get head/s/w/get cord/s/s/z/z/hide/push gurney/close oven/press button/open oven/get box/w/attach cable to ring/turn wheel/n/e/attach cord to ring/put legs on slab/put arms on slab/put head on slab/get needle/sew head to torso/sew legs to torso/sew arms to torso/pull handle/wind box/talk to monster/(chat)/n/e

It's all out war! Give me some hints

1.Clues only here! There's several endings to Dr Horror, and whatever happens you'll get to one of them.

2.Examine all the various undead and demons. They all have stats.

3.The stats are the clue to working out who will beat who.

4.A battle is not random! You can work out exactly who will beat who. Or you can just experiment and see!

5.When you've worked it out, tell them to attack.

6.When everyone is either attacking or being attacked, then BATTLE!!

There are 3 completely different endings to Dr. Horror's House of Terror!

In Studios 1,3,4 and 5, there are 3 different ways of 'dealing with' the Security Guards in each studio!

In total, there are 34 different perilous situations to find in Dr Horror. However, the maximum you can get in any one play through is 22.

One of them, the last lousy point, is hard to find. Good luck!