Outsided Complete Walkthrough


Here is the complete walkthrough of my Interactive Fiction Game Outsided.

Please don't use this right away... this page is here for you if you get really stuck and frustrated.

NOTE: Scroll slowly and you might only recieve the hint
             you need.

_____________TO THE SOLVE____

Martins Resteraunt:
In order to make it though the martins sequence alive, your character must
drink the champagne which is in his inventory for every move until he
passes out.

Through The Looking Glass:
All You can do is WAIT

Union Military HQ Cairo:
When you wake up, take your ID card from the doorless closet in your room

You will not be able to leave the complex until you SIT through debriefing
in the debriefing room, located at the south end of the corridor outside of
your room.

After debriefing, insert your ID card into the cardslot ouside the LevelTram

Once inside the LevelTram, examine the metal panel near the door, and you
will notice a glass square next to the blue button.

Press the glass square, and a small needle will remove a blood sample from

Wait four turns and you will hear a beep, you may then safely press the blue
button and proceed to the surface.

South Cairo:
When you step out of the elevator and into the lobby of the 'Sandbox Roadside
Hotel', exit the building to your east.

Walk north and then cross the street to the east, proceed south until you are
outside of the 'Union's Jack' resteraunt.

After you enter the resteraunt, WAIT, and a hostess will arrive, say hello to

Keep answering 'NO' to her questions until she asks if you are the new
dishwasher, then reply 'YES'

Once in the kitchen, WASH the dishes, you will recieve an honest day's pay
and then be escorted outside into the pouring rain.

Walk north untill you see a cab along side the curb, enter the cab and you are
on your way.

Ten Thousand Feet Above Hong Kong:
The only way to proceed from this scene is to GO BATHROOM.

Outside Terminal C:
The gentleman in the blue cab wants to kill you, so WAIT a turn and a
yellow cab will pull up behind him, use this cab and proceed to the
'Milton Colonial' Hotel.

The 'Milton Colonial' Hotel:
You will notice that the blue cab followed you to the hotel, make sure you
hurry north to the bar and have a seat next to your blonde friend Alison.
She will ask you to leave with her... say 'YES'

Alison will explain your life story to you, have your tracking implants
removed and put you on a plane to a tropical island.