ifwiki: First Annual Interactive Fiction Competition
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This directory contains the original entries for the
1995 Text Adventure Authorship Competition.

Later updates to the games, if available, are in the general game directories
[games/tads](../tads) or [games/zcode](../zcode) as indicated below.

The `*.z5` files are written with Inform and must be played with an Infocom
interpreter ([infocom/interpreters](../../infocom/interpreters)), the `*.gam` files are written with TADS 2
and must be played with the TADS 2 runtime system ([programming/tads2](../../programming/tads2)).

# Museum.zip
tuid: 93bin082aybyd5zx

A Night at the Museum Forever, version 1.0, by Chris Angelini.
TADS game file, description, and a walkthrough.
[file is linked to games/tads/Museum.zip]

# TheOne.zip
tuid: d7f5xs90i6ys2ite

The One That Got Away, version 1.0; anonymous entry.
TADS game file and walkthrough.
(an updated version of this game (game file only) is in

# library.z5
ifwiki: All_Quiet_on_the_Library_Front
tuid: 400zakqderzjnu1i

All Quiet on the Library Front, An Interactive Vignette
by Michael S. Phillips. Release 1 / serial number 950829.
(an updated version of this game is in

# magic-toyshop.z5
tuid: 52x2zxt8ers4rxc0

The Magic Toyshop, a fun game for all the family
by Gareth Rees. Release 1, serial number 950726.
(An updated version of this game is in
source code to the updated version is in

# mindelec.z5
ifwiki: The_Mind_Electric
tuid: del5wj27flagk67r

The Mind Electric, An Interactive Vision by Jason Dyer.
Release 2 / serial number 950830
(an updated version of this game is in

# mst3k1.zip
tuid: imopnqh4llwkvfne

Detective, An Interactive MiSTing (Mystery Science Theater
3000) of Matt Barringer's AGT game "Detective",
by Christopher E. Forman. Release 101, serial number 950814.
Inform source code, compiled game file, and a walkthrough.
(an updated version of this game is in
source code to the updated version is in

# results.txt

the results of the competition, by Gerry Kevin Wilson

# rules.txt

the rules of the competition, by Gerry Kevin Wilson

# toonesia.gam
tuid: a1w0vji75vccanab

Toonesia, A Mini Text-Adventure Game, version 1.0
by "C. J. T. Spaulding".
(an updated version of this game is in

# tow.zip
tuid: g0b7u3xlo585dt5y

Undertow v1.00 (29aug95), by Stephen Granade.
TADS game file and instructions.
(an updated version of this game (game file only) is in

# tube.z5
tuid: vsjvn4dabwh3r6um

Tube Trouble, a mini-adventure by Richard Tucker.
Release 0 / serial number 950831
(an updated version of this game is in games/zcode/tube.z5)

# undo.gam
tuid: 7aggx56jw5331v1c

Undo, version 1.0.1, by null dogmas.
[file is linked to games/tads/undo.gam]

# weather.z5
ifwiki: A_Change_in_the_Weather
tuid: 00wlim27k5d1hmf2

A Change in the Weather, An Interactive Short Story
by Andrew Plotkin. Release 4, serial number 950819.
(an updated version of this game is in

# zebulon.zip
ifwiki: Uncle_Zebulon's_Will
tuid: q1gts4stibzdzy69

Uncle Zebulon's Will, an Interactive Inheritance.
Release 1.0 / 950831, by Magnus Olsson.
TADS game file and description.
(a machine-independent TADS .gam file is in
games/tads/zebulon2.zip; and
TADS source is in games/source/zeb2_src.zip)

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