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The subdirectories contain all the games in unpacked, directly usable format.


Whizzard's note about the package

# judging-rules.txt

how to judge and vote for this year's competition
by Whizzard

# results.txt

the results of the competition, by Whizzard

# submission-rules.txt

the original rules for the game writers and the prizes to
win, by Whizzard

# aayela
ifwiki: Aayela

Aayela, an Interactive Vision by Magnus Olsson (TADS)
Release 1.1 / 961015

# abduct

Alien Abduction?  An Interactive Fiction Story by Charles Gerlach
(an updated version of this game is in games/tads/abductv2.gam)

# claw

Wearing the Claw, an Interactive Fantasy by Paul O'Brian (Inform)
Release 2 / Serial number 961003
(an updated version of this game is in games/zcode/claw.z5)

# dbl

Don't Be Late!  An Interactive Snippet by Grew Ewing (Alan)

# delusns

Delusions, an Interactive Self-Discovery (Inform)
Release 2 / Serial number 961021
(An updated version of this game is in games/zcode/delusns.z5)

# fear

Fear, an Interactive Nightmare (Inform)
Release 1 / Serial number 961012

# first

My First Stupid Game, by Dan McPherson (AGT)
AGT runtime for DOS included

# forms

Of Forms Unknown, an Interactive Excursion by Chris Markwyn (Inform)
Release 2 / Serial number 961021

# intheend

In the End, by Joe Mason (Inform)
Release 1 / Serial number 961010

# jacl

The Curse of Eldor, an Adventure by Stuart Allen (J.A.C.L.)
Release 3; J.A.C.L. engine for DOS and Linux included

# kissing

Kissing the Buddha's Feet, an Interactive Cramming (TADS)
Version 1.00
(an updated version of this game is in games/tads/kissing.zip)

# liquid

Punkirita Quest One: Liquid, a Viking's Funeral by Rybread Celsius
Release 1 / Serial number 960927

# lists

Lists and Lists, an Interactive Tutorial by Andrew Plotkin (Inform)
Release 3 / Serial number 960823
(an updated version of this game is in games/zcode/lists.z5,
source code to the updated version is in

# maiden
ifwiki: Maiden_of_the_Moonlight

Maiden of the Moonlight, by Brian P. Dean (TADS)
Release 1.1b

# phlegm
ifwiki: Phlegm

Phlegm, an Interactive Interactive by Adjacent Drooler (Inform)
Release 1 / Serial number 961014
(an updated version of this game is in games/zcode/phlegm.z5)

# picket

The Land beyond the Picket Fence, by Martin Oehm
(stand-alone DOS program)
Version 1.0

# piece

Piece of Mind, an Interactive Short Story by Giles Boutel (Inform)
Release 1 / Serial number 961015
(an updated version of this game is in games/zcode/piece_v3.z5)

# promoted
ifwiki: Promoted

Promoted!  By Mike DeSanto (REXX Adventure - OS/2 only)
You have to fetch the current beta version of REXX Adventure from
Mike's ftp site; it may not be distributed otherwise.
(a port of this game to Inform is in games/zcode/promoted.z5)

# ralph

Ralph, an Interactive Sniffing by Miron Schmidt (Inform)
Release 2 / Serial number 961005

# reverb

Reverberations, a Hectic Voltairian Adventure by Russell Wain Glasser
Release 1 / Serial number 961015
(an updated version of this game is in games/zcode/reverb.z5)

# ripflesh

Rippled Flesh, an Interactive Goosing by Rybread Celsius (Inform)
Release 1 / Serial number 960914

# sherbet

The Meteor, the Stone and a Long Glass of Sherbet:
The Interactive Memoirs of a Diplomat, by Angela M. Horns (Inform)
Release 1 / Serial number 960928

# smallwld

Small World, Interactive Fiction by Andrew D. Pontious (TADS)
Release 1.0
(an updated version of this game is in games/mac/SmallW3.sit and in

# stalker

The House of the Stalker (gamma 0.9), by Jason Clayton White (Inform)
Release 1 / Serial number 960930

# stargaze

Stargazer: Prologue, an Adventure in Outfitting by Jonathan Fry
Release 1 / Serial number 961015

# tapestry

Tapestry, an Interactive Destiny by Daniel Ravipinto (Inform)
Release 1 / Serial number 961010

# wok

Sir Ramic Hobbs and the Oriental Wok, by Gil Williamson (AGT)
Version 1.1s; AGT runtime for DOS included
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