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This directory contains all the games, each one in its own directory,
sorted by programming language.

The following files were added after the creation of the archives
comp98.zip and Comp98.sit.bin.
All files submitted by the game authors with permission from David Dyte.

# comp98.z5
ifwiki: CompXX
tuid: a3thoxm83tzz8ihz

The 'front-end' game for the 1998 competition, providing
information on all the games and systems used to run
them, plus the ability to sort the games you can play
into a random list. Written by Lucian Paul Smith

# comp98.zip

all the entries in this year's competition in one
package. Unzip into a directory with the -d option
to preserve the original subdirectory structure.
See also the note above about files that were added
after comp98.zip was created.

# Comp98.sit.bin

comp98.zip converted to Macintosh format by
Andrew Plotkin. Download in binary mode!

# pre-announcement.txt

David Dyte's announcement that he is the organiser
of the 1998 IF Writing Competition

# prizes.txt

a list of which author chose which prize in
the 1998 competition.

# readme.txt

David Dyte's note about this year's competition:
read this to find out where to get more information

# results.txt

The results of the 1998 competition

# schedule.txt

some important dates, by David Dyte

# alan/cc

CC, by Mikko Vuorinen.
Requires Alan interpreter (Arun) 2.8 to run.

# hugo/memory
ifwiki: Persistence_of_Memory

Persistence of Memory, by Anonymous
(an updated version of this game is in

# inform/acid

Acid Whiplash, by Anonymous, or rather:
Rybread Celsius Can't Find a Dictionary,
by Rybread Celsius and Cody Sandifer
Release 1 / Serial number 980928

# inform/atrox

Cattus Atrox, by David A. Cornelson
Release 3.981001
(source code is in games/source/inform/AtroxSrc.zip)

# inform/bluemen
ifwiki: Little_Blue_Men

Little Blue Men, an interactive object lesson
by Michael S. Gentry
Release 1 / Serial number 980923

# inform/city

The City version 2, an interactive short-experience
by Sam Barlow
Release 1 / Serial number 980930

# inform/dilly

Trapped in a One-Room Dilly, by Laura A. Knauth
Release 1 / Serial number 980917

# inform/enlighte

Enlightenment: a One Room Absurdity
by Taro Stephen Ogawa
Release 7 / Serial number 891001

# inform/evil

Where Evil Dwells, by Paul Johnson and Steve Owens
Release 1 / Serial number 980930

# inform/fifteen
ifwiki: Fifteen

Fifteen, by Ricardo Dague
Release 1 / Serial number 980926

# inform/hrs
ifwiki: Human_Resources_Stories

Human Resources Stories: In Search of Employment
by Harry M. Hardjono
Release 1 / Serial number 980930

# inform/informat

Informatory, by William S. Shlaer
Release 1 / Serial number 980929
(an updated version of this game is in

# inform/loose
ifwiki: Mother_Loose

Mother Loose, an Interactive Nursery Rhyme
by Irene Callaci
Release 1 / Serial number 980928
(an updated version of this game is in

# inform/muse
ifwiki: Muse:_An_Autumn_Romance

Muse: An Autumn Romance, by Christopher Huang
Release 1 / Serial number 980927
(an updated version of this game is in

# inform/photopia

Photopia, by Opal O'Donnell
(an updated version of this game is in
games/zcode/photopia.z5 and games/pc/photopia.exe)

# inform/purple

Purple, a passage through disaster, by Stefan Blixt
Release 1 / Serial number 980929

# inform/research

Research Dig, by Chris Armitage
Release 1 / Serial number 980930

# inform/ritual

The Ritual of Purification, an Interactive Cleansing
by Sable
Release 1 / Serial number 980927

# inform/space_st

Spacestation, by David Ledgard
Release 1 / Serial number 980819
(an updated version of this game is in

# inform/spotlite
ifwiki: In_the_Spotlight

In the Spotlight, an Unexpected Intelligence Test
by John Byrd
Release 5 / Serial number 980929

# inform/tokyo

Downtown Tokyo Present Day, by Digby McWiggle
Release 1 / Serial number 980930

# msdos/commute

The Commute

# msdos/yodel
ifwiki: I_Didn't_Know_You_Could_Yodel

I Didn't Know You Could Yodel!
by Michael R. Eisenman and Andrew J. Indovina
Ver 1.12 / Release 24 / Serial number 8675309

# tads/arrival

Arrival or, Attack of the B-Movie Cliches
by Samantha Clark
Version 1 (Sep 30 1998)
(an updated version of this game is in
games/tads/arrival.zip; source code is in

# tads/fourin1

Four In One, an Interactive Comedy by J. Robinson Wheeler
Version 1.0
(an updated version of this game is in
games/tads/Fin1_gam.sit and games/tads/Fin1_gam.zip;
source code is in games/source/tads/Fin1_src.sit and

# tads/light
ifwiki: Lightiania

Lightiania, by Gustav Bodell
Version 1.14.00

# tads/plant
ifwiki: The_Plant

The Plant, by Michael J. Roberts
(an updated version of this game is in
games/tads/plant_2.zip and its source code is in

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