ifwiki: IFComp 1999
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This directory contains all the games, each one in its own directory,
sorted by programming language.

# readme.txt

Stephen Granade's note about this year's competition:
read this to find out where to get more information

# rules.txt

The rules for the 1999 competition, by Stephen Granade

# results.txt

The results of the 1999 competition, by Stephen Granade

# comp99.z5
ifwiki: CompXX
tuid: a3thoxm83tzz8ihz

The 'front-end' game for the 1999 competition,
providing information on all the games and systems
used to run them, plus the ability to sort the
games you can play into a random list.
Written by Lucian Paul Smith.
Release 2 / Serial number 991005

# comp99.zip

All the entries in this year's competition in
one package, plus walkthroughs and the competition
front end "comp99.z5" release 2.
Unzip into a directory with the -d option to
preserve the original subdirectory structure.

# c99rsc.zip

Resource files for the HTML TADS competition
games "Exhibit" and "Six", and for the MS-DOS
game "Lunatix".
NB: This file is over 11MB in size.

# c99_mac_games.hqx

All the entries in this year's competition plus
walkthroughs in one self-extracting archive for the
Macintosh, complete with correct files types etc.
Built by Iain Merrick.
NOTE: The competition front end "comp99.z5" in this
package is release 1; download release 2 separately
(file comp.z5 in this directory).

# c99_mac_multimedia.hqx

Resource files for the HTML TADS competition
games "Exhibit" and "Six", and for the MS-DOS
game "Lunatix" in one self-extracting archive for the
Macintosh, complete with correct files types etc.
Self-extracting archive, built by Iain Merrick.
NB: This file is over 15MB in size.

# c99_mac_interpreters.hqx

The interpreters needed to play the games on a Mac:
Arun, HyperTADS 1.1.3, MaxZIP 1.7.7.
Self-extracting archive, built by Iain Merrick.

# IFComp1999.exe

Self-installing executable for Windows,
containing all of the competition games, the
resources, and all interpreters needed to run
the games.
NB: This file is over 17MB in size.

# alan/arthur
ifwiki: King_Arthur's_Night_Out

King Arthur's Night Out, by Mikko Vuorinen
Release 2

# alan/hebgb
ifwiki: The_HeBGB_Horror!

The HeBGB Horror! by Eric Mayer
(an updated version of this game is in

# inform/banana
ifwiki: Pass_the_Banana

Pass the Banana, an interactive banana passing
Release 1 / Serial number 990921

# inform/btd2
ifwiki: Beat_the_Devil

Beat the Devil, an interactive spree by Robert M Camisa
Release 4 / Serial number 990926

# inform/calliope
ifwiki: Calliope

Calliope, an interactive obtrusion by J McIntosh
Release 1 / Serial number 991001

# inform/change
ifwiki: For_A_Change

For a Change, by Dan Schmidt
Release 1 / Serial number 990930

# inform/chix
ifwiki: Chicks_Dig_Jerks

Chicks Dig Jerks, interactive fiction by Robb Sherwin
Release 1 / Serial number 990930
WARNING: This game contains adult language and
situations and is not intended for children.
(updated versions of this game are in
games/mac/chix.hqx, games/pc/chix.exe, and in

# inform/death
ifwiki: Death_to_my_Enemies

Death to My Enemies, an interactive tale of revenge
by Roody Yogurt
Release 1 / Serial number 990930

# inform/guard
ifwiki: Guard_Duty

Guard Duty, an interactive vigil by Jason F. Finx
Release 1 / Serial number 990930

# inform/halo
ifwiki: Halothane

Halothane, an interactive restoration
by Quentin.D.Thompson
Release 1 / Serial number 990928

# inform/huntdark
ifwiki: Hunter,_in_Darkness

Hunter, in Darkness, a cave crawl by Dave Ahl Jr.
Release 3 / Serial number 990918
(updated versions of this game are in
games/mac/HuntDark-R4.hqx and in

# inform/jacks

Jacks or Better to Murder, Aces to Win,
a short story by J.D. Berry
Release 1 / Serial number 990924

# inform/lomalow
ifwiki: Lomalow

Lomalow, by Brendan Barnwell
Release 0 / Serial number 888888

# inform/ludite
ifwiki: Lurk._Unite._Die._Invent._Think._Expire.

Lurk, Unite. Die. Invent. Think. Expire.
Words: Ten Thousand Monkeys on Typewriters
Compiled: Rybread Celsius
Release 1 / Serial number 990930

# inform/me
ifwiki: Music_Education

Music Education, an interactive fiasco by Bill Linney
Release 1 / Serial number 990911

# inform/oad
ifwiki: Only_After_Dark

Only After Dark, interactive fiction
Release 1 / Serial number 990915

# inform/outsided
ifwiki: Outsided

Outsided, interactive fiction by Chad Elliott
Release 1 / Serial number 990929

# inform/softfood
ifwiki: A_Day_for_Soft_Food

A Day for Soft Food, by Tod Levi
Release 1 / Serial number 990930

# inform/tac
ifwiki: Thorfinn's_Realm

Thorfinn's Realm, by Robert Hall and Roy Main
Release 101 / Serial number 990929

# inform/winter

Winter Wonderland, by Laura A. Knauth
Release 1 / Serial number 990928

# inform/wossname
ifwiki: Spodgeville_Murphy_and_The_Jewelled_Eye_of_Wossname

Spodgeville Murphy and The Jewelled Eye of Wossname
by David Fillmore
Release 5 / Serial number 990927
(an updated version of this game is in

# msdos/lunatix
ifwiki: Lunatix:_The_Insanity_Circle

Lunatix - The Insanity Circle
interactive fiction by Mike Snyder
(an updated version of this game is in

# msdos/skyranch

Skyranch, by Jack Driscoll

# msdos/snosae

Snosae, by No Frills Software
Version 1.0

# tads/4seconds
ifwiki: Four_Seconds

4 Seconds, by Jason "Trig" Reigstad
Release 1

# tads/amoment
ifwiki: A_Moment_of_Hope

A Moment of Hope, interactive fiction by Simmon Keith
Version 0.258

# tads/beal
ifwiki: Life_on_Beal_Street

Life on Beal Street

# tads/bliss
ifwiki: Bliss

Bliss: An interactive harrowing by Cameron Wilkin
Version 1.1

# tads/cell

Stone Cell, by Middle Eagle
Version 1

# tads/chaos
ifwiki: Chaos_(by_Caron)

Chaos, an interactive explosion by Shay Caron

# tads/erehwon
ifwiki: Erehwon

Erehwon, interactive fiction by Jos. Pinkfoot
Release 1.0

# tads/exhibit
ifwiki: Exhibition

Exhibition, by Anatoly Domokov

# tads/otf
ifwiki: On_the_Farm

On the Farm, a TADS adventure by Lenny Pitts

# tads/six

Six Stories: multimedia interactive fiction by N.K. Guy
Version 1.0 / Serial number 990930-21

# tads/stranger

Stranger in the Night, an interactive gothic hunt
by Rich Pizor
Release 1.0contest
WARNING: Parents are strongly advised to preview this
game before giving it to small children.

# tads/waterbrd

The Water Bird, interactive fiction by Athan Skelley
Release 1.0

# web/remember

Remembrance, an interactive story by Casey Tait
NOTE: This game was originally meant to be played
interactively through the web on the author's machine.
Stephen Granade uploaded the source code (remember.zip)
after the beginning of the competition so that the game
can be played locally.

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