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DinoComp (2000).

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All the games entered into the Dinosaur mini-competition,
zipped into a single archive. The games are:

- Rowr!, by Gunther Schmidl
- Why did the Dino cross the Road?, by Richard Bos
- d2d, by Simon Lamont
- Encryptment, by Taro Ogawa
- Dinosaur Love, by Peter Berman
- Dino Hunt, by Admiral Jota
- The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner, by Jason McWright
- A Stegosaur's Night Out, by Quentin D. Thompson
- A Dino's Night Out, by Aris Katsaris
- Very Old Dog, by Tony Delgado
- Revenger, by Robb Sherwin
- Deep Brow Lifter, by Neil deMause
- Dinosaur Dinnertime!, by David Clysdale
- An Important Appointment, by Jennifer Earl

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