ifwiki: Hours of Inform

This directory contains the entries to the "24 Hours of Inform" contests,
for works authored within 24 (non-consecutive) hours.

# aesthetic.z5
tuid: xn5tot02gmzvwpu5
ifwiki: Aesthetic Deletions

Aesthetic Deletions, by Johanna Hunt.
Release 1 / Serial number 310103.
Entered into the second contest.

# dastardly.z5
tuid: v0zwe4xy6thtqz0s

Dastardly, by Andy Chase.
Release 2 / Serial number 060122.
Entered into the third contest.

# defra.z5
tuid: optlh2w8r0zc1bn6
ifwiki: The Man from DEFRA

The Man from DEFRA, by Kevan Davis.
Release 1 / Serial number 020228.
Entered into the first contest.

# borgaris.z5
tuid: iimp5ytj5z8uoi5a
ifwiki: Escape from the SS Borgarís

Escape From the SS Borgaris, by Kevan Davis.
Release 1 / Serial number 030204.
Entered into the second contest.

# ghostship.z5
tuid: ewz45tuny5x6ckzj

Ghost Ship, by Pete.
Release 1 / Serial number 030205.
Entered into the second contest.
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