ifwiki: Interactive Fiction Writing Month

A writing workshop organised by Lea Albaugh in Feb-Mar 2009, introducing participants to Inform 6.

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ifwiki: Interactive Fiction Writing Month
ifwiki: Artifice
ifwiki: Assignment One
ifwiki: Blackberry
ifwiki: Blasphemy
ifwiki: Breaking and Entering
ifwiki: Bus station
ifwiki: Checkpoint
ifwiki: Colophon
ifwiki: Frater Evanesco
ifwiki: Grocery Shopping
ifwiki: Heaven-Sent
ifwiki: Hello World!
ifwiki: If-month-zero
ifwiki: Inheritance (by Thom├ęt)
ifwiki: Late Train To Nowhere
ifwiki: Laura (game)
ifwiki: Metro Hobo
ifwiki: No Muse
ifwiki: Octopus's Garden
ifwiki: Oh My Elder-God
ifwiki: Painterly (fragment)
ifwiki: Perilkeet
ifwiki: Rolled
ifwiki: Sea Dreams
ifwiki: Searching for Answers
ifwiki: Smugglers Rest
ifwiki: Spare Some Change
ifwiki: The office
ifwiki: Tower (by Dunstan)
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ifwiki: Trails
ifwiki: Up Your Sleeve
ifwiki: Winter

All the entries to and related materials for Lea Albaugh's Interactive Fiction Writing Month event, which ran from February 15th to March 15th, 2009. This material was taken from Lea's website at <http://www.instamatique.com/if/>.

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