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The following are entries to Jason Dyer's
Imaginary Games From Imaginary Universes Jam, 2016.

# A_Game_Played_By_Galaxies.zip
tuid: 4vp9fyfy6z0w1cg

A Game Played By Galaxies, by James Wood.

# Darkest_Words_Soldado.zip
tuid: zmzs613wtg8xutfs

Darkest Words: Soldado, by Doug Egan.

# Dreamland_Revisited.zip
tuid: fhiv54qp0hbswwf1

Dreamland Revised, by Carolyn VanEseltine.

# Gaias_Web.zip
tuid: orpfyagy1nn2ztcj

Gaia's Web, by Nigel Jayne.

# Garbage_Collection.zip
tuid: k9flc5khjao4y3ou

Garbage Collection, by Matt Weiner.

# Mayfly.zip
tuid: jipbzlzqybv0glq9

Mayfly, by Christopher Brent.

# Our_Bleak-Ass_Writing_Competition.zip
tuid: ly5bb9u3qpm097iz

Our Bleak-Ass Writing Competition at the
Ragged Verge of Spacetime, by Laura Michet.

# Seachange.zip
tuid: hgnmn2lwjokvos1q

Seachange, by Alex Butterfield.

# ShadowCast.zip
tuid: 1eekkpxy8hehzyub

ShadowCast, by GuoBruce.

# Sub_Way.zip
tuid: dhjqm3t8fwgh9j53

Sub Way, by B. Pearlstein.

# Synchronicity.zip
tuid: d5ct5osrrfnfvk7c

Synchronicity, by Cat Manning.

# The_Final_Labyrinth_of_King_Minos.zip
tuid: 7s37zrkbs8kq297

The Final Labyrinth of King Minos, by Ariadno.

# The_Interrogation.zip
tuid: i7k6ttmuyxapgnn0

The Interrogation, by Sharang Biswas (with
Soundscape by Rebecca Drapkin).

# The_Last_Rites_of_Doctor_Wu.zip
tuid: o31urd18qis4vvez

The Last Rites of Doctor Wu, by MaximumOD.

# Unreal_City.zip
tuid: an7ll2j4kupi2zl

Unreal City, by Joey Jones.

# Violets.zip
tuid: 47pzqys51g8f9n7r

Violets, by Jessica Hammer.

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