ifwiki: One Room Game Competition

This directory contains entries in the One Room Game competitions, 2002-2010.
For more information, see <http://www.avventuretestuali.com/orgc/>

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ifwiki: One Room Game Competition 2002

All the entries in the 2002 competition:

- L'artificiere (Inform) by Paolo Lucchesi, Sting1 and Percy.
- Natalie (Mac) by Fabrizio Venerandi.
- Il sottomarino giallo (Inform) by Schopenauer.
- La capsula (Adv. System 2.0) by BaR.
- Il caso Luisa Bianchi (Basic) by Matteo Oliva.
- Il deserto senza sole (YaBasic) by Salkaner il Nero.

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ifwiki: One Room Game Competition 2003

All the entries in the 2003 competition:

- Il barile di Amontillado (Mac) by Marco Dattesi.
- Rompicapo (Mac) by Davide Centurione and Roberto Grassi.
- Successo (Inform) by Gabriele Lazzara.
- Due dischetti, un incubo (Inform) by Fabrizio Pallotti.

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ifwiki: One Room Game Competition 2006
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ifwiki: It's_Easter,_Peeps!

All the entries in the 2006 competition:

- Final Selection (Inform, in English) by Sam Gordon.
- Lo sforacchiato giallo (Inform, in Italian) by Veronica Auretta.
- Il diavolo a Venezia (Inform, in Italian) by Lorenzo Carnevale.
- Forma Mentis (Inform, in Italian) by Paolo Maroncelli.
- Galeotto fu il canotto (tre modi per buttare l'ancora)
(Inform, in Italian) by Andrea Rezzonico.
- It's Easter, Peeps (Inform and ADRIFT, in English) by Sara Brookside.
- Lazy Jones e l'ultima crostata (Inform, in Italian)
by Gabriele Lazzara and Carmelo Paterniti.
- De Reditu (Inform, in Italian) by Massimo Corso.
- Frankenstein III (Inform, in Italian) by Corvo di Odino.

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ifwiki: One Room Game Competition 2007
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ifwiki: The_Puzzle_Box
ifwiki: A_dream_imprint
ifwiki: Cabin_Fever
ifwiki: Kinesis

All the entries in the 2007 competition:

- A Dream Imprint (Inform, in Italian) by Fabrizio Pallotti.
- Cabin Fever (Quest, in English) by Dr. Froth.
- Kinesis (Inform, in Italian) by Paolo Maroncelli and
Alessandro Peretti.
- Marika The Offering (ADRIFT, in English) by revgiblet.
- Necromante (Inform, in Italian) by Lorenzo Chiodi.
- Notte prima dell'esame (Inform, in Italian) by Fabio De Dominicis.
- Puzzle Box (ADRIFT, in English) by Richard Otter.
- Suveh Nux (Inform, in English) by David Fisher.
- Urban Conflict (Inform, in English) by Sam Gordon.
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