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An occasional event started in 2014 where participants submit song titles, have them shuffled up, receive a list in return, and write games inspired by one or more of the songs they receive.

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All the games entered in Sam Kabo Ashwell's 2014 Shufflecomp Competition:

- 1982, by Zach Samuels (as Iblis Snowsdottir) (Glulx)
- 50 Shades of Jilting, by Rowan Lipkovits (as Lankly Lockers) (Z-code)
- Bound, by Ryan E. Holman (as Starfinger X) (Twine)
- Cryptophasia, by Alan DeNiro (as L. Starr Voronoi) (Twine)
- The darkness of mere being, by Marius Müller (as a lost kitten) (InkleWriter)
- Dead Man's Party, by Royce Odle (as Morrissey) (TADS 3)
- An Earth Turning Slowly, by Mæja Stefánsson (Undum)
- Eight Miles High, by Josh Giesbrecht (as Lambert Lambert) (Glulx)
- Fallout Shelter, by Marshall Tenner Winter (as Histroy Gloam) (Glulx)
- Fallout Shelter, by Molly Geene (as Amadeo Voss) (Twine)
- Flotsam and Driftwood, by Peter Orme (as Conrad Elton) (Z-code)
- Groove Billygoat, by Hanon Ondricek (as Efrain Finnell) (Glulx)
- HOLY ROBOT EMPIRE, by Caleb Wilson (as Ralph Gide) (Z-code)
- Illuminate, by Christopher Conley (as Summer del Mono) (Z-code)
- Invisible Parties, by Sam Kabo Ashwell (as Psychopup) (Glulx)
- The Legend of Wooley Swamp, by Molly Geene (as Elizabeth Jones) (Twine)
- Light My Way Home, by Caelyn Sandel (as Venus Hart) (Glulx)
- Little Bird, by Socks Meanie (as Dick Dawson) (Twine)
- Lobster Bucket, by Rick Yost (as Lady Tallhat) (Glulx)
- Look Around the Corner, by Doug Orleans (as Robert Whitlock) (TADS 3)
- Mirrorwife, by Yoon Ha Lee (as Virgil Caine) (Twine)
- Monkey and Bear, by Carolyn VanEseltine (as the opposite of sublimation) (Glulx)
- More, by Jason Dyer (as Erin Canterbury) (Z-code)
- Nothing but Flowers, by Crabby O'Crankypants (Twine)
- Nova Heart or Don't Be Standing Around While the Earth Dies Screaming, or: Who Is To Blame When the Owls Leave Candy Jail?, by Zenith J Clangor (HTML)
- Out the Window, by Molly Geene (as Bramble Bobonong) (Twine)
- The Peccary Myth, by Gerardo Aerssens (as Pergola Cavendish) (Twine)
- Sequitur, by Nigel Jayne (as Tin Foil Jenny) (Glulx)
- Sparkle, by Juhana Leinonen (as Karly Di Caprio) (Glulx)
- A Summer's Rose, by Adri (as Jed Brockett) (Undum)
- Tea and Toast, by Matt Weiner (as Maria del Pangolin) (Glulx)
- Truth, by Carl Muckenhoupt (as John Earthling) (Z-code)
- White Houses, by Jason Lautzenheiser (as Mr. Stamp) (Glulx)

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All the games entered in Neil Butters's ShuffleComp: Disc 2 competition:

- Ansible, by Jacques Frechet (JavaScript)
- By the Lake, by Marius Müller (as Eldridge Murray) (Glulx)
- Comrade, by Roger Carbol (as Urist Uristson) (Glulx)
- Everything We Do Is Games, by Doug Orleans (Z-code)
- False Mavis, by Ted Casaubon (as Litany Brisket) (Twine)
- Heading East, by Hugo Labrande (as Alex Davies) (Z-code)
- The Mayor and the Machine, by J. Marie (Twine)
- Molly and the Butter Thieves, by Alice Grove (as Cosmic Hamster) (Glulx)
- Pool Dominator, by Andrew Watt (as Destiny Spearmint) (Twine)
- Running Down a Dreamland, by Wes Eas (Twine)
- The Skeleton Key of Ambady, by Caelyn Sandel (as Adalai Trammels) (Twine)
- The Songbird, the Woman and the Silver Casket, by Taryn Quinn (Alan)
- Starry Seeksorrow, by Caleb Wilson (as Ayla Rose) (Z-code)
- Submerge, by Joshua Houk (as Carlos Percival Saldanha) (Twine)
- Texas Instruments Theater, by Socks Meanie (as Winston Ian Parrish) (Twine)
- To Spring Open, by Peter Berman and Yoon Ha Lee (as Two-Bit Chip) (Twine)
- When the Land Goes Under the Water, by Bruno Dias (as Nikephoros De Kloet) (Glulx)
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