This directory contains games from the 1998 CAAD IF contest.

# dragon.exe
tuid: n8k4le2uonrxecf2

Dragon Dorado, by David Diaz Pena.
Illustrated fantasy adventure about the quest for a dragon.
Self-extracting archive.

# lola.exe
tuid: gap8vpl0opvnovmr

Lola Huele Bien y Adora el Marisco, by Alejandro Barcena.
Be a real latin-lover and give Lola what she really wants...
but with style!
Self-extracting archive.

# pirateer.exe
tuid: 3lzhkuc37sfkn0wr

Pirateer II: El Joven Hayes, by F.J.Peinado.
You are a young nobleman, trapped in a pirate ship.
Your aim is to be a great pirate. Illustrated.
Self-extracting archive.

# sello.exe
tuid: rht6l1h3rb1wncn0

El Sello
Illustrated, Cthulhu myths based adventure.  Mysterious and
cruel murders have something to do with a strange old seal.
Self-extracting archive.

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