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This directory contains entries to the Spanish 2005 Xcomp, whose website is

# AgeArena.zip
tuid: 58mn8xl3poxs6sbo

Age Arena, by Al-khwarizmi. (Written with AGE, a Java
based system.)

# AgeXComp.zip

A special edition of AGE, a Java based IF programming
system, for the Xcomp.

# Lemniscata.zip
tuid: dlwqgokmu8d4gefc

Lemniscata, by Depresiv (Z-code).
Revisión 1 / Número de serie 050603.
(Story file and source code.)
[file is linked from </if-archive/games/source/inform/spanish/>Lemniscata.zip]

# ZendyrsLabyrinth.zip
tuid: hfh8rnpfx41s8uhw

Zendyr's Labyrinth, by Al-khwarizmi (AGE).

# impulso.zip
tuid: f2pq6k8vcga6z7d7

Impulso, by Expio (ADRIFT).

# jug2k.zip
tuid: y51fd6dgqiqxc9hr

JUG2K, written in Common Lisp.

# musa.zip
tuid: awu70mmmwaqfjlfh

La Musa, by Grendel (Glulx).

# romanfredo.zip
tuid: 65312rv9qhvbpu3l

El Cantar de Romanfredo, by Aryekaix (Z-code).
Contains story file and source code.
[file is linked from </if-archive/games/source/inform/spanish/>romanfredo.zip]
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