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This directory contains entries to the Spanish 2008 Xcomp, whose website is

# damusix_demo.zip

Damusix demonstration, by Eliuk Blau (Glulx).

# diana_balta.blb

Diana, by Baltasar el Arquero (Glulx).

# fuego.zip

Fuego, by Al-khwarizmi (AGE).

# noesculpatuyamaria.zip
tuid: agrk30ajxcazuh2l

No es culpa tuya Maria, by Grendel and Depresiv (Z-code).
(a zip file with source code is in games/zcode/spanish/no-es-culpa-tuya-maria.zip)

# pronto.zip

Pronto, by Mel Hython (Z-code).

# puj.zip
tuid: 9jnfxi7aqr47bd5i

Puj, by Jarel (Glulx).
Release 0 / Serial number 080524.

# results.html

The results of the competition, as a HTML page.
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