ifwiki: WackyComp

The following are entries to David Glasser's 1999 WackyComp.

# WackyComp.txt

the rules of David Glasser's 1999 WackyComp

# wackycmp.zip
tuid: 0gih2b70l1z6xemu
tuid: xcf56wttirmve4p5
ifwiki: Skipping Breakfast
ifwiki: Knot To Be Undone

Skipping Breakfast by Dunnin Haste (aka Stephen Griffiths)
and Knot To Be Undone by Jess Kiddon (aka Lelah Conrad),
two ALAN games that can be played with an ALAN 2.8

# knot4.zip
tuid: xcf56wttirmve4p5
ifwiki: Knot To Be Undone

Source code for Knot To Be Undone, by Lelah Conrad
(a compiled game is in wackycmp.zip)
[file is linked from </if-archive/programming/alan/examples/>knot4.zip and </if-archive/games/source/alan/>knot4.zip]

# skipbrek.zip
tuid: 0gih2b70l1z6xemu
ifwiki: Skipping Breakfast

Skipping Breakfast, second release, by Stephen Griffiths.
Requires an ALAN 2.8 interpreter.

# skipbsrc.zip
tuid: 0gih2b70l1z6xemu
ifwiki: Skipping Breakfast

Source code for Skipping Breakfast, by Stephen Griffiths
(a compiled game is in skipbrek.zip)
[file is linked from </if-archive/programming/alan/examples/>skipbsrc.zip and </if-archive/games/source/alan/>skipbsrc.zip]
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